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[8.55] On the Streets of Northrend
1 hour 43 minute 4v4 private non-league game:

BzH-Analcoolik, BENNIE.FM, DJ.FELLI, token VS WaRRioR_BrosS, Warrior_hong, qweqqweq, Daf4ever (left at around 45 minutes, presumably disconnected)

I'm posting this replay cause it was a really fun game that was back and forth a lot. It had a lot of different strategies and tactics that we've all learned. Some things worked and some things didn't.
No big deal, just for fun, sort of serious and sort of just to test stuff out and see what happens. Basically it's just another random battle tanks game that got played by some poeple who bumped into each other on the streets of Northrend.

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.w3g   4v4 vs bennie, coolik, felli, n token.w3g (Size: 2.29 MB / Downloads: 226)
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