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HCL-commands for Autohosting [8.67 and up]
The supported HCL-commands are the following:
  • nm - normal mode (Normal)
  • bm - beginner mode (Beginner)
  • 5k - 5k start gold (Alternative)
  • cv - conquest victory mode (Alternative)
  • no - no options mode * (No Alternative)
  • pr - "pro" mode (no Tinker/Trader/Exploder, 3k, Alternative)
Added in 8.68:
  • cr - "conquest rush" mode (10k, High Tech, Conquest Victory, Alternative)

* This still allows the red player to pick modes and customize the game, but with restrictions.

This is supported in 8.68 version and newer.


Example: if you enter -no (no options) in your mapconfig or hcl command, that means the red player can still pick modes, except he cannot pick an Alternative mode using special options.

But if you enter -nm (normal mode), the game starts immediately with normal mode selected and the red player cannot make mode alterations.
well according to 8.68

the new -RU is actually -CR

are there any other changes?
No, but i added conquest rush to the list.
Thanks for mentioning.
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