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is there a reason ?

Leute krieg ich irgendwie raus warum ich ständig aus dem spiel fliege? Auf einmal flieg ich ständig raus. Die letzten 4 Spiele. Zum kotzen. Alles andre geht meistens - icq und studi usw... aber aus dem bnet flieg ich raus - was tun ? Penalty sucks. .....

English :

Dudes i´m pissed off, because i allways leak out. The last 4 games i can´t finish - allthough they went quite well. Icq, skype and facebook is usually connected though not the battle net..... What shall i do ? Penalty sucks hard...

thx for help

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In all "lagged out" games you had different IPs. So it looks like you have reconnects.
Maybe a problem of your router or provider. You may also check the log of your router.
i have the same problem sometimes. the problem is the router says, there was no disconnect or something like that, so i am very confused, why i disconnected. if it wasnt the problem of client, is it possible, it was another problem between only this one client and the server (the hostbot)?
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do you use programs which cause reconnects to get a new ip?
like dl programs or whatever...
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Thx for help

I don´t use reconnect programms. Maybe the problem was only at this day. Bnet runs stable right now.

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