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Last game i was kicked by a teammate(there were 2 of us left). And i was the host. I think the kicking system can be improved.
any suggestions?
its really hard to have a satisfying kick system. especially in a game with something like leavergold.

maybe the host can deactivate the command in the first two minutes? im not sure if it gets the problem since it gives the host even more power. but maybe..?

votekick is the main reason why i dont allow people who know each other (and i dont know) in my games. thats sad, but i have better games now. i was kicked 2 times by my "teammates", just because they wanted the leavergold. (actually i dont know why, but both games i did well/just started). both times they were friends.
Maybe its possible to deactivate the command "-kick 01". I don'T think thats fair, if the host gets kicked have creating a game (because there are some "funny" players.
what about making leavers not giving leavergold?

i just mean the fixed amount, not the leavergold per tick or from the force.

that would people think twice before kicking their mates.
hm, perhaps not leavergold, but "kicking gold", and reduced, not none at all... but dont know
Well kicking the host is totaly wrong thing to do. First of all you can be disconnected becose of this.
You can get a jasscode for indicating host on the, then just dont allow to kick the host
-kick "host" (shoud be disabled)

disabling -kick 1
The player 1 is not 100% the host but in 99% he is the host.

Maybe disabling the -kick command after 1.30 hours (when there are 2 plaers in the team).

this part I PM-ed a while a go to Exodus.

I pleayed a game in b-net
Some one was a good player, but he was kicked.
I think he was toooo good and my enemys has kicked him.

Grr this bad
I think you should kick mainly afk, feeders.

some one types -kick X
if player[X] (kills < deaths * 2.6)
then start vote kick
Message "You can`t kick a player if he has got more kills then deaths"

New voting kick Dialog
"Yes vote next time automaticly"
"No vote next time automaticly"
"Don`t bother me again with kicking"
Message "You can`t kick a player if he has got more kills then deaths"


people who are afk or a excessively flaming can also have more kills than deaths.
Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing WORD as A substring
Player - Player ... types a chat message containing WORD as A substring
Set flamed[(Player number of (Triggering player))] = True


Player - Player 1 (Red) types a chat message containing "" as A substring
Player - Player ... types a chat message containing "" as A substring
Set LastMessage[(Player number of (Triggering player))] = 'the message'// must store 3 messages last of the plaeyr

some one types -stopflame X
some how analyze the 3 messages last of the plaeyr X
if found
than Set flamer[X] = True

some one types -kick X
flamed[X] Equal to False
player[X] (kills < deaths * 2.6)
then start vote kick
Game - Display to (Triggering player) for 30.00 seconds the text: ...
pleasae let the scripting be our problemTongue

flaming: a relationship between bad words and good words could be checked (but the list of possible bad words is huge, and you can insult others without bad words, too)
afk: the point of last action could be saved, but this may increase lagg a bit, a very small bit i think^^
noobs: should you be able to kick noobs? dont think so, but otherwise kills/deaths, or tank value/(average tank value in game)
ai: yes, thats not that difficult to check when the AI is scripted anyways^^
teamkiller: should be clear

alternatively: 100% of the players voted Yes -> Kick, or the amount of needed yes-clicks reduces with all of the points above... if theres a flaming teamkilling noob who is afk and controlled by an AI (^^), he would be out with only one yes vote^^

or: no kick at all
Removing the kick vote completely seems out of the question to me, as kicking - sadly - often is necessary, you cannot stand by and watch how a feeder ruins the game, or a total noob who decides it's a great idea to switch back to tinker, get some e-torps, and start towering the base - after 30 minutes or so. We all know that asking a feeder to be more careful / stay behind his lines / get a hull etc. doesn't really help, especially if he doesn't respond, doesn't speak English or is just plain dumb ;-)

I haven't really had a problem with excessive flaming, and I am talking about flaming, not the occasional "stop blocking me moron", so a system based on a player's kill/death-ratio and based on his movement seems reasonable, DotA comes to mind, where the players are automatically asked if they want to kick a player who has been afk for a while, 10 or 15 minutes I guess.

Kicking for leavergold sure sucks, but the simple solution, as DerSatan has mentioned, is using a banlist (for detection of multiple use of an IP) and not allowing people who know each other. This also has the benefit that you don't lose 2 people if they get a discon, and no one leaves because his mate left, for whatever reason. Again, kicking for gold, imho, does occur scarcely in normal pub games with people who don't know each other.
I dont like the kicking System as well, cause i also be kicked sometimes. One time i was really good at beginning and the other players kicked me. 2nd i got 3:8 stats, saved our CP 2 times, and my enemy bought hull and weapons - while i was saving for a bigger tank. I was less than a minute away from striking back with a new tank after about 11 minutes - and what happened ??? --> they kicked me - as i got 3900 Gold short before Airship :?

I only want to say, that i really seldom kick people - i watch shortly at their weapons and their behavior in battle and dont kick only if someone has a 1:6 stats.
even I startet with 0:5, cause of my saving strategy - but got 9:6 10 minutes later - so what kicking after 10 min if he can be positive after 17 min :cry:

I only kick when i see, there is a real noob doing nothing, like running into death, sell and buy weapons for 2000 and got stats like 1:12 - cause he is really feeding.
Another game i played we got a player, who was light tank with hull and 2 swarm rockets after 1:40h... --> but he did really well by only creeping, because:
He bought a factory infront of the enemy base;
he bought bunker at importants CP´s
he made several armour upgrades (4 - 6), so i could rush for titan an we won the game. ( :mrgreen: )

In my mind he was a real pro, cause he did the best thing out of his position and for the team. :wink:

So it will be really difficult to find the best Kicking System. I think most people differ in the amount of money they got through creeping in early game. Good players got about 4500 Gold in 10 minutes --> that means they update weapons or buy hulls and the rest they got as money to save for a new Tank.
To me that means the mixture of Tank value and gold the player owns describes really, how good the player is. Only buying XP to increase the Tanklevel or troops and towers change this.

If a noob buy and sell every some minutes weapons, or is dying very often, or someone is afk for 4 minutes the income decrease drastic. Idea
Random Player
- noob, nobody, medium, pro - we will see what happens ^^
The Kick system of 8.40 is totally shit.

Why new system? thats so fucking annoying that the other team can kick enemies but cant kick the teammates...that means that the enemies can kick players who are good and so on. on the other hand u cant kick big noobs.

i dont know why the mapper change so much but when they continue so i can predict that a lot of players lose the fun to play bt

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[Image: paint1bw2.jpg]
New kick system is crap. Old was much better.
Captain-Iglu wo bist du^^
It was a Bug, should be fixed now in 8.41
This post has been brought to you by Sand - it's everywhere, get used to it.
I think that the host should have a veto right, when he says no, no kicking, when he says yes then it's just another vote.Also the other players should not be able to kick the host.
Why should the host have a veto? There's no guarantee that the hosting player behaves any more reasonable or any more responsible than other players, I have had tons of hosts who were no better than "normal" players who I would kick/ban for their behavior. Knowledge of portforwarding and the fact that you possess a pc and a connection capable of hosting doesn't qualify you any more to judge who should or should not be kicked.
IMO host never should have such an advantage to be "non-kick". Host also can be noob.. Who can guarantee this?

There can be a "-balance" command which is entered by host in 2 min or any time which will check if game is in balance (3v3 4v4 5v5 etc), if so any player can be kicked if his score is in some range:
( "kill/death<0.4" and "death - kill >12 = FEEDER") Just my example! can be different than this. And team with less player can't kick anyone.

But i dont think any guy can sum up the game after 3-15 or 0-12 score... or 20-50...

Another command can be "-autokick" at start up only. Which will check for feeders every minute and will kick them automatically. (this will cause the game end in less than 10 min if game is "5pro vs 5noob"Smile)
But i hate to say "just quit idiot!!" to noobs which has 0-25 score... But they insist on playing... And when you try to vote, other team dont want to kick such an ATM feeder.

I leave you to find a calculation for "noob score formula".
-autokick command can vary, either works only if teams are not even, or it works if teams are even also.

Edit : I wanted to say, -autokick can work as a feeder filter which works anytime after 5-10 min(example) (every minute) or it can work as a balance kicker which works only if a team has more players, will check for biggest feeder and automatically kick it.
As said before: noobs shouldnt be autokicked, only if they keep refusing to take advice etc.

BUT i still think a function like there is in Anime wars map to switch teams would be nice. I mentioned this before, but dont know what the argument against it was, sorry about that. Maybe only switch in a time interval at the start of the game?
Batto Wrote:BUT i still think a function like there is in Anime wars map to switch teams would be nice. I mentioned this before, but dont know what the argument against it was, sorry about that.

it was the league and the much work to change the map this way... besides that a player could change teams to feed his "old team" for example... there ARE some problems with changing the tems ingame...

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