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End the game after 2 quits
Hey all,

i know everyone got the problem of games they started and after 10 minutes already 2 people of one team left. Then its 5vs3 and the enemy got so mutch leaver gold. Is it possible that the hostbot know if 2 people of one team left in unter 10 minutes gameplay? So that the hostbot can end the game whit a message:

The game end in 10 seconds because of too many leaver. The nextgame you can see under

I know then new people think: "wtf is going on" but i dont want to play 5vs3 or 4vs3 after 10 minutes gameplay. Thats only waste of time and i dont want to leave and i want to play a normal game 5vs5 or 4vs4 but not 5/4vs3.


Here two examples: (attachment)

Attached Files
.w3g   2left.w3g (Size: 63.12 KB / Downloads: 241)
.w3g   2left2.w3g (Size: 530.13 KB / Downloads: 220)
wow 35 views and no one cares??Sad
Because everyone know it would be way too easy to abuse in ranked and leaving doesn't matter that much in non-ranked anyway.

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