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We need to organize 1v1 TOURNAMENT
Why should I?
I don't see a good reason to swap pairs.

If killer refuse, then Wupti wins round 2 automatically, and we proceed to round 3, where killer is red again.

I'm sorry for non appearance in the last weekend, but I hope to return in the coming days.
He already said he forfeited and is out of tourney. And to be honest I'm not sure I even want to play this guy after his childish behavior. He flamed me without any reason and acted like a total dick.
Proposed small change for semi-final: competition for 3rd place

War/Reg (Reg wins)
Kill/Wupti (Wup wins)
Reg/Wupti (Wup wins 1st place, Reg 2nd place)
War/Kill -- will play vs each other for the right to fight vs. Region.
Semi-final between Region and Wariors complete. Wariors won both rounds.

Round 1:
Round 2:
TmG Nesquik (Omefisto) has defeated Wariors in a great 3-2 match and is back to tournament ! Thanks Wariors, you defended well, but Nesquik advances to the Final match !

Wupti and Nesquik -- please let's decide on a date for a final match ! ! (I recommend this weekend, 13 and 14.June.2014)
You will play vs each other until 3 victories. All matches must be posted here as replays.
You're the finalists ! This won't be easy !

We need to find and congratulate the CHAMPION !
Great 3-2 match. Good to know !

There's no replay? Tongue
i can on next week
Hey guys, Im super busy and probably will have to forfeit
Wupti, do you believe that you will not be busy in the next few weeks?
I can't say for sure, but most likely I will not have time
It would be very unfortunate for us to complete "Final" without "Final Battle" (i.e. between Omefisto and Wupti...)
If I'm forced to do _that_, then "silver medal" should go to no-one...
But I hope to see a battle.
Hi guys, short update. I'm still super busy and probably will not be ready to play before some months. I congratulate the winner and apologize to any possible followers of this tournament.
Okay !!!
1. TmG Nesquik (Omefisto) - 1st place ! ($40 in Bitcoin)
3. Wariors - 3rd place ($10 in Bitcoin)

2nd place goes to no-one. As Wupti forfeited from the tournament, I feel there is no justification to give the "silver medal" to anyone.
This is really sad to me personally, that several of our players left in the middle of this tournament.
I hope to play with all of you in RANKED League.

Thanks to all of our players.
Congratulations to the winners !
Hail the Chamption, TmG Nesquik, the WINNER !!!

Go to and open a Bitcoin wallet. (or download Electrum wallet to your PC)
Give me your Bitcoin address, and collect your bounty !

-RAF Fenix
#54 for information about bitcoins, wallets, etc.
Marvin Wrote:The first ten million years were the worst and the second ten million years, they were the worst too. The third ten million years I didn't enjoy at all. After that I went into a bit of a decline
Make sure you write down your password (and the long sentence in case of Electrum), otherwise your Bitcoins will be LOST !
Omefisto doesn't want to get his winner bonus. He doesn't want to get his Bitcoins.
Ome ?
Give it to the guys who keep up the foum, bots, league...
I think, need create next tournament with a large tournament's prize autumn ))
Basically Ome wants his prize to go into future tournament, 5v5.

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