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Dear community
Dear community,

as you problably noticed, it has been quiet around the development of Battle Tanks. The sad truth is, our time available for this project and our motivation to work on it are not what they used to be. So we were faced with a decision to make. Battle Tanks exists for almost as long as the Frozen Throne expansion of Warcraft 3 (which makes it almost 12 years old). So seeing it simply die is not worthy of the game.

So we decided the following:

We will make Battle Tanks Open Source

Ideally this would mean that everyone would contribute towards a new version by submitting his / her work to a central repository. The proprietary nature of the Warcraft map files makes this harder than I'd like. So for now, we will only make the map available for everyone, so you guys can see what the map looks like in its current form.

If anyone has questions or suggestions regarding this map feel free (and encouraged!) to voice them here.

The aim - at this time - is to take the input of the community and maybe continue the development in a way that is feasible.
Of course, if someone wants to make a mod or use parts of the code for his own project, he / she is free to do so - it's open source after all. But we would still like to get credit, if substantial parts of the map have been used (as you can see in the code itself).

Anyway, we hope the map helps some of you and maybe some of you help (the development of) the map.


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Like i lost a loved one GG
Cat power < needs to be implemented into btSmile
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You should trademark it.
Thank you for everythingSmile
I am so good that I don't even need to type -rc because I never die !
No more bugfix?

Smoke Gen and Static Charge are easy bugfixes. Static Charge ability and Hit'n'Run cancel ability use same "channel" order string. Remove damage remove invisiblity would also fix the smoke gen since that never worked.

Well this was not unexpected. I still enjoy playing sometimes.
Well, I got stuck on other bugfixes (mainly the one with the CP conquering). At some point, I simply could not continue anymore.
I'd like to say that I will finish this eventually, but I can't promise it and I felt that I should at least provide others the resources which we worked on for so much time, so that all the work will not simply be lost, just because I'm too lazy ;)
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