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Developing the Battle Tanks map
Hey guys,

I'll use this thread to show to you, what you have to do, to be able to open, load and save the map. I'll just show you how I did it. This does not mean that this is the only possible way or the only possible configuration.

Since Battle Tanks has been developed using vJass, the original editor for Warcraft III is not enough. I used the one linked below. It's not the latest version available, but I know it works.
To use it, just unpack it anywhere and start the NewGen WE.exe, which will be the standard editor for the BT development.
Be aware that some programs will detect this tool as a virus (Firefox was also warning me of the download link), but it is not a virus! After working for years with this program without any problem, I can assure you that it is legit.
As for the setup, disable UMSWE and you are set. With this you should be able to do everything with the map you want to do.


Map optimizer
This tool is used for two reasons: it prevents curious people from looking into your map (but only if they are not determined enough) and it also significantly reduces the size of the map, making it much better for distributing.
When using the optimizer, make sure that you don't overwrite the already existing map file, but rather that you create a new file with it. Otherwise you will destroy your own work.

[Image: optimizer.png]

I will expand this with anything you guys might have questions about.
This post has been brought to you by Sand - it's everywhere, get used to it.
Hi, is there any posibility to create Btanks for Dota2 game, it'd be awesome, I really miss this game. Thanks for your job.

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