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Qualifying games
Can you let us know what happened to the qualifying bot, as I haven't seen any qualifying game being hosted for the last 3 days.
Are you planning to bring the qualifying bot back or is this the unofficial end of BT? I am saying this because no ranked game has taken place since more than 2 months ago if I remember correctly.
What do u mean with *Bump* ?
*Bump* meens "Hey attention! We need forum admin to see this post"Big Grin
Someone know who is the host and why let die??
the admins spend 10 years for btanks.
now they are gandpas and they want to play with his grandson   ;)
the time from btanks is over.. 
thats good for my life   :angel:
Up and running again..Big Grin
bot back?Smile))
xD they are bored from grandsons 

qualify back
check this thread that includes!!!:
hey every one here is an invite to our discord.

also your welcome to join Clan BT in Northrand(europe server)

lets help btanks become more activeSmile
clan is usefull to know when members are online.

Discord is a must social app to useSmile you can read the game names which are posted by host there or stay in touch with other btanks players for easier gaming and even join a voice channel if if you like.

best wishes to every oneSmile

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