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BTanks League QUALIFY #189317 not joinable after WC3 update
Please fix!Smile

There was a update with integration for the I had to reinstall Warcraft III with Frozen Throne anew to get the game correctly updated.

After the update the hosted btanks game BTanks League QUALIFY #189317

is no longer joinable and the number hasn't increased since the update. Would you mind fixing? Btanks is still played very frequently although no further development is accomplished and a few (harmless but a little annyoing) bugs are still in place. Personally, I don't find that too disturbing and am grateful when you keep hosting the games!

Btw: Why did you discontinue the league?

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Thanks for posting this. I just recently got back into playing but after patch I've been so confused as to why nobody is playing anymore (I check the website to see if ppl are on before logging in). Also, does anyone know the best days/times to get on when most ppl are playing? Thanks!
there are a few issues regarding the league.. first and foremost, not enough players. even qualify games tend to take an hour to fill up at the moment. other issues were the opensource having some code which could be abused, the new hoster not reacting to issues and most WC3 bots not working after the update.

as for finding active players, we recently founded a new "Clan BT" on Northrend, so you may want to join if interested, and we've setup a Discord Server for talk, finding games and more stuff in future. just click here:

other than that, we're all waiting for an official blizzard patch to fix the issues the last update 1.28 made.
Not yet totally dead, you can find the Team and possibly new and old Players on our new Discord Server. Join by this Instant Invite:

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