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Host bot at
Hey. i wounder if you can make so players from can play on your server/bot.

Would like to play battle tanks ^^
If you wanna play btanks, just go here :
On the left you have game names and alarms, so you can play btanks.
I know that, im not total retard...
The thing is, i cant join them because when i try it, it say wrong name or something like that
We haven't decided to run our bots at pvpgn server yet. It never was much requested, there was a request few years ago...

Pvpgn realms never got much attention since no one of our staff or forum member seems to be playing at one. I recently did some research for garena but garena offers no linux solution for a plain cli ghost.
Other realms i haven't looked into - actually eurobattle is the only pvpgn realm i know of.

Maybe we gonna try our qualfy bot at eurobattle first ;-)
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