Host Commands

Host commands can only be entered by the first human player in the player list (which is usually the red player). They are only usable in the first two minutes (-effects and -leaverai being the exception). Those are also deactivated in League mode.

Command Parameter Effect Default
- Enables or disables advanced effects such as burning trees off
- Enables or disables the AI from taking over for players that left the game off
share Enables or disables share mode, where it's possible to give gold and items to other players off
- Enables or disables conquest victory mode, where you win, when you hold all CPs for 15 minutes off
- Enables or disables tank monopoly, where only one player can have a certain tank at any given time off

Player Commands

Player commands can be entered by anyone at any given time. Anything between those brackets “[ ]” is a parameter for the given command. The brackets themself don’t have to be entered!

Command Parameter Effect Default setting
pos [x] ID of target player Pings the position of the target player on the minimap
- Shows how much damage your weapon upgrade dependant items currently deal (Mines, Orbital etc)
income - Shows how much gold you earned in total, listed by the source of the gold
tech - Shows how many upgrades already have been researched
mode - Shows the current mode, plus all special options
hp - Floating texts show your hitpoint difference every second
penalty - Shows the number and reason of all your current penalties
- Enables or disables weather effects for you off
anglez [x] angle of the z-axis Changes the z-axis setting of the camera, ranges from 0 to 90, entering no value will set it back to default 56
angle [x] angle of the x-axis Changes the x-axis setting of the camera, ranges from 0 to 360
zoom [x] distance of the camera Changes the camera zoom, ranges from 500 to 5000, entering no value will set it back to default 2750
clear - Removes all test messages from the screen (chat not included)
- Enables or disables the camera pan towards your tank after your respawn on
- Enables or disbales the smooth camera which softens the camera movement off
afk [x] optional AFK message for the other players Enters AFK mode in which your team can control your tank, but not sell or remove anything from you
afkai [x] optional AFK message for the other players Enters AFK mode in which the ai will control your tank
mb [x] type of your multiboard Changes your multiboard to the choosen type: 1 – small, 2 – with health bars, 0, nothing or everything else – default 0
mb esc - Enables or disables the multiboard toggle with the escape key on
handicap [x] percentage of your handicap Reduces the hp of your tank to the given percentage, which ranges between 10 and 100% 100%
stats [x] [y] […] List ID of the target players Compares player/tank stats between the specified players and yourself, entering no paramter will only show your stats
team [x] new name of your team Changes the name of your team to the specified one, only usable 5 times for each player Dark / Light Force
give [x] [y] ID of target player

amount of gold
Gives the specified amount of gold to the target player, only usable when share-mode is active
kick [x] [y] ID of target player

kick reason
Attempts to start a kick vote against target player, you can only vote against your own team members
giveup - Vote to forfeit the game, the vote is permanent and the game ends when every team member agreed
giveup revoke - Withdraws your giveup vote, only possible min ten seconds after your initial vote
playerswap [x] ID of target player Attempts to swap your tank, gold, units and items with the target allied player, who also has to enter this command

Singleplayer Commands

These commands are only available in singleplayer mode.

Command Parameter Effect Default setting
-xp none Gives you max experience
-gold [x] target gold Sets your gold to the specified value or to max, when no value is given
-showrange [x] range mode Displays the range of your weapons
1 – average weapon range
2 – max range
3 – min range
0 – off
-upgrades none Researches max upgrades for all players and teams


Because of the limitations of Warcraft 3, it is not possible for observers to use any chat commands.

Specified player recognition

Any command that expects the ID of a player as a parameter, accepts either the number of the player, his color or a part of his name. When only searching for a part of his name, the first player that matches with the given string will be chosen as a target.