Shops Overview

Weapon Shops

Weapon Factory I

Shop Icon: Weapon Factory I
Shop Picture: Weapon Factory I
Weapon: Multi Bow
Weapon: Glaive Cannon
Weapon: Molotov Cocktail
Weapon: Grenade Launcher
Weapon: Basic Cannon
Weapon: Bombarding Rockets
Weapon: Light Plasma Gun
Weapon: Fan of Knives
Weapon: Fireball Cannon
Weapon: Electro Cannon
Weapon: Energy Torpedo
Weapon: Ice Cannon


Weapon Factory II

Shop Icon: Weapon Factory II
Shop Picture: Weapon Factory II
Weapon: Rock Catapult
Weapon: Fire Arrows
Weapon: Plasma Waves
Weapon: Soulstone
Weapon: Artillery
Weapon: Light Fantastic
Weapon: Plasma Fragments
Weapon: God's Hammer
Weapon: Flamer
Weapon: Burning Projectiles
Weapon: Infernal Rocks
Weapon: Laser


Spirit Trader

Shop Icon: Spirit Trader
Shop Picture: Spirit Trader
Weapon: Basic Magic
Weapon: Tornado Summoner
Weapon: Magic Cannon
Weapon: Confusion Magic
Weapon: Fear Magic
Weapon: Poison Magic
Weapon: Frost Magic
Weapon: Lightning Magic
Weapon: Ghosts of Doom
Weapon: Death Magic
Weapon: Fire Magic
Eapon: Psycho Magic


Goblin Merchant

Shop Icon: Goblin Merchant
Weapon: Machine Gun
Weapon: Swarm Rockets
Weapon: Rocket Hail
Weapon: Ion Cannon
Weapon: AA Gun
Weapon: Bombs
Weapon: Blaster Cannon
Weapon: Acid Cannon
Weapon: Darkness Cannon
Weapon: Photon Bombs
Weapon: Psycho Laser
Weapon: Frost Laser



Shop Icon: Outpost
Shop Picture: Outpost

General Item Shops


Human Trader

Shop Picture: Human Trader
Troop Command
Siege Pack
Speed Boost
Mine Defuse Pack
Repair Kit
Extended Repair Kit
Remote Fuse
Iron Hull
Steel Hull
Gold Hull
Repair Robots

Goblin Trader

Shop Picture: Goblin Trader
Heavy Mines
Huge Mines
Smoke Generator
Orbital Control
Speed Pack
Trader Hunter Pack
Power Pack
Ultimate Pack

Troll Trader

Shop Picture: Troll Trader
Speed Pack Blueprint
Trader Hunter Pack Blueprint
Power Pack Blueprint
Ultimate Pack Blueprint
Mine Defuse Pack Blueprint
Advanced Toop Command
Strength Pack Blueprint
Mass Converter Blueprint
Explosives Blueprint
Negator Pack Blueprint
Emergency Repair Blueprint
Kinetic Shield Blueprint

Research Center

Shop Picture: Research Center
Upgrade Weapons
Upgrade Armor
Troop Command Center
Teleport Breaker
Tech Mech

Pandaren Trader

Shop Picture: Pandaren Trader
Burst Armor
Deflective Armor
Energy Converter
Area Boost
Black Sun Project