You receive experience (XP) for every unit you kill. BT has it’s own XP-system. It works this way: for every kill, you receive 50% of the XP. It doesn’t matter which of your units get the kills, where you are or even if you are alive. The other 50% of the XP are equally divided between the allied tanks in an area of 1500 around the killed unit.

You get this much XP for the different unit types:

  • Player summoned creeps: 6 XP
  • Marines, Aura Creeps: 12 XP
  • Commander, Zeppelin, Artillery: 24 XP
  • Buildings: Bounty / 2
  • Heroes: Bounty / 2.25

Player summoned creeps are for example:

  • Dead (Ghost Tank)
  • Mortar Teams (from any source)
  • Creeps summoned by a player factory
  • Creeps summoned by a Troop Command, Siege Pack or Advanced Troop Command
  • Creeps summoned by the consumable Reinforments and Mortar Teams
  • Creeps summoned by the Troop Command Center (except Aura Creeps)

If a tank is dead in the moment he kills a building or tank, this tank will only receive 50% XP.