1. Hero Bounty

The bounty of your tank changes throughout the whole game. Your bounty gets updated on several occasions.

Your bounty increases when:

  • You kill a tank, creep or building
  • You get assist gold
  • You get gold for conquering a Control Point
  • You trade in your items with the Trader

Your bounty decreases when:

  • You die

Whenever you receive gold from the listed sources, your bounty will increase by 5% of the received amount of gold. So when you kill a tank that had a bounty of 300 gold, your own bounty will increase by 15 gold.
When you die, your bounty will decrease by 12%.

Your bounty won’t increase or decrease endlessly, however. There are limits, which are relative to your tank worth (tank value + carried items).

Your bounty won’t go below: 125 + (tank worth / 100)
Your bounty won’t go above: 125 + (tank worth / 33)

As it has not been mentioned in the list above, passive income, force gold and buying or selling items does not have any influence on your bounty.

2. Creep Bounty

The bounty you get for killing creeps and buildings increases over time, it’s not influenced by upgrades. The bounty increases by 100% in one hour, so you get 200% gold after one hour, 300% after two, and so on.

3. Assists

To get assist gold, you have to damage an enemy tank in the last 7.5 seconds before his death.

Note: Don’t confuse support points and assist points. Assists are counted as support points, but support points are not necessarily also assists. The main difference lies in the fact, that you gain gold for assists, but nothing for support points.

When scoring an assist, you gain one support point and a part of the original bounty of the destroyed tank.

Assists gold per player total gold
1 25% 25%
2 15% 30%
3 12.5% 37.5%
4 12.5% 50%

Or expressed in a formula:

Assist gold per player =(1.5*Bounty/(7-(assisting players)))/assisting players

4. Killing and assist sprees

Once you start getting 3 kills in a row, without dying a killing spree starts. Each kill in the spree since your last death will increase the gold you get for the next kill by 5%. So when you scored 3 kills without dying, then you will get 15% more gold for the next kill. The gold bonus won’t increase beyond 50% or ten kills in a row, although the counter will still go up.
The killing spree consequently ends, when you die or you didn’t score a kill for 3 minutes.
Getting multikills will provide a bonus on your spree. Each multikill will increase your killing spree counter by 1. So if you already have a killing spree of 3 kills active and score a double kill, the counter will increase to 5 for the two kills and then to 6, because of the bonus. Getting a triple kill after that will provide another bonus point, etc up to 4 bonus points in total for a godlike multikill (this includes all the other bonus points you got before).

Assist sprees work in a similiar way. Your assist spree counter increases for every assist you get, without getting a kill. So your own death won’t end the spree, but rather a kill you make. You also get a 5% bonus for each assist in the current spree, with a limit of a 50% bonus.
Take note, that you won’t get 50% more assist gold, but rather will the assist gold increase by 50% of the original bounty of the killed tank.
For example: if only one tank gets an assist, he will receive 25% of the bounty of the killed tank. With a full assist spree, he will get 75% of the original bounty instead.