Every team owns 3 Control Points at the beginning of the game and each Control Points spawns 2 Marines every 20 seconds. You can also use the Control Point Teleport, to teleport to one of your teams Control Points. To use it, you have to be right next to another Control Point of your team, or somewhere in the inner part your base (it doesn’t matter if there are still factories or not). Each Control Point the same 3 auras, which will heal your tank in an area of 500. One of the auras heals 4% of your maximum hitpoints per second, the second one heals a fixed 50 HP per second and the third one regenerates 5 mana per second. Each of these auras will stack with auras from the other healing buildings. Moving within the range of the healing building won’t affect the amount of healed hitpoints.

Conquer Control Points

To conquer a Control Point, you have to be in a range of 500 of a Control Point, without any enemy in this range. Laser and Rocket Towers also block the conquering of a CP, a Barricade on the other hand slows the capturing of a CP down. Normally you need 10 seconds to capture a CP, with a Barricade you need 20. When a enemy comes into the range of a CP, while you try to capture the Point, the progress of the capturing stops and stays at the level you had before the enemy arrived, either until the enemy or you leave the area. In case you leave the area, the progress bar goes slowly down to 0 again.

Conquest Victory-Mode

In the Conquest Victory-mode, your team has to own all 6 Control Points for 15 minutes to win the game. When you lose one CP, the timer slowly goes back to the 15 minutes mark again, so you won’t lose the whole progress, just because of one lost CP.

Force Gold

When a control point is captured, your Force receives a compensation for the lost creep gold. For each creep, which isn’t spawning, because the control point has been captured, your Force receives 4 times the bounty of this creep.