Battle Tanks 8.79 Beta 2

Battle Tanks 8.79 Beta 2 (1.2 MiB, 1494 downloads)
  • Fixed a bug with S.I.C. (Distributor) that fucked up everything
  • Fixed Splash Cannon (Architect) from losing its active state after a death or Dimension Shift

2 thoughts on “Battle Tanks 8.79 Beta 2

  1. Version 8.79 Beta 2 – BUG – Does not function off-line in single player mode as a custom game. When map is selected there is no player select interface for player to assign bots to teams. Leaves the interface for any previously selected map visible, but not functional.


    Version 8.79 Beta 2 – BUG – Does not function in LAN mode, cannot create game at all.

    Does anyone test these maps before they are released? With no functioning off-line modes, the answer appears to be …. NO !

  2. As a matter of fact, I did test it. It worked and still does for me.

    The thing you describe sounds rather odd, it’s like something I saw, when the Wc3 version didn’t match the one of the map. So, is your Wc3 up to date?

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