Battle Tanks 8.77 Beta 2

Battle Tanks 8.77 Beta 2 (1.0 MiB, 1129 downloads)


  • New Changes
    • Remade the kick system (again)
    • Added two new weapons to the Outpost
    • Added an effect, which shows when Control Points heal with half the speed
    • Long range weapons now also attack buildings, but they won’t damage them
    • Increased the aoe of the second wave of Metal Stars (Shredder) from 400 to 500
    • Increased upgrade cost for Acid Cannon (3000g -> 5100g)
    • Decreased upgrade cost for Supercell (12500g -> 7500g)
    • Repair Robots are now cheaper (2000g -> 1500g)
    • Maintenance now repairs 500 hp plus 20% from upgrades, instead 750 hp plus 10%
    • Increased Maintenance costs from 100g to 150g
    • Recharge now heals 15 mana plus 20% from upgrades, instead of 20 mana plus 10%
    • Recharge now has 3 charges, instead of 2
    • Aura Creeps spawned by the Aura Creep upgrades now all spawn at the HQ
    • Reduced the price of the Aura Creep upgrades from 3000 to 2250 gold
    • Added three abilities to the Tech Mech, which allow him to use Teleport Breakers, Nets and Detectors from his inventory
    • Improved heal and resistance of Strategic Locations (20 -> 25 hp/s; 15% -> 20% resistance)
    • Changed Strategic Locations on the upper and middle lane a bit
    • Made some game performance related improvements
    • Fixed Strategic Location not providing any regeneration
    • Fixed Control Points only regenerating mana with half the speed, when the hp were full
    • Fixed the multiboard with the ally health bars from not updating properly
    • Fixed Splash Cannon (Architect) turning off arbitrarily sometimes
    • Fixed giveup votes from being accepted instantly, when the last player without a vote leaves
    • Fixed Ensnare (Scout) from not disabling air only weapons
  • Beta Related Changes
    • Made several improvements to the new endgame multiboard
    • Reduced Offroad Engine (Goliath) speed bonus from 40% to 25%
    • Remade Take Aim (Goliath) into a stackable skill
    • Devastator Shot (Goliath) now has a smaller hit aoe (200 -> 150)
    • Reduced the respawn time increase from Devastator Shot (max 48% -> 40%)
    • Improved the turret movement of the Goliath in combination with the Heavy Tank Cannon
    • Added a burning effect to the barrels of the Goliath during the cast time of the Devastator Shot
    • Improved the effect of Orbital Strike (Titan)
    • Increased cast range (1000 -> 1600) and delay (1.0 -> 1.6s) of Orbital Strike
    • Increased cast range of Build Obelisk (Titan) from 300 to 600, but the Obelisk now needs one second to activate
    • Changed the effect of Devil Fire
    • Fixed Offroad Engine from removing any bought mana upgrade

2 thoughts on “Battle Tanks 8.77 Beta 2

  1. Yes, long range weapons are weapons with 1300 range. But to be more precise, the actual weapons that are affected are:
    Bombarding Rockets, Energy Torpedo, Rocket Hail and Acid Cannon

    There are also 1300 range weapon skills, but since they have specific target limits (creeps or heroes), they are not affected by this change.

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