Battle Tanks 8.79c

BTanks879c (1.2 MiB, 6176 downloads)
  • Added an ability to ground mines, which lets them self-destruct
  • Added a new Titan icon
  • Decreased the restock time and mana cost of Heat-Seeking Missiles (Distributor)
  • Increased the casting range of S.I.C. (Distributor) from 900 to 1050
  • Increased the mana burn of Energy Leak (Darkness Tank) and rebalanced the dealt damage
  • The runes around an enemy Obelisk (Titan) are now red, and teal around allied Obelisks
  • The Obelisk runes now actually start appearing once the Obelisk is active and not when he is built
  • Tanks are now grayed out in shops, when your team does not have the necessary upgrades
  • Fixed Black Sun Project starting with too much mana
  • Fixed Darkness Tank armor requirements
  • Fixed dropped blueprint items ownership
  • Fixed the game mode display on the engame screen
  • Fixed Negator Pack from removing tank transparency
  • Fixed Camouflage Generators from being ignored by the Control Point check
  • Fixed Camouflage Generators from being a valid target for Control Point teleports
  • Fixed the required number of kick-votes from changing during the vote
  • Fixed some minor bugs