Battle Tanks 9.15 Beta 1 P (4.9 MiB, 1451 downloads)

============= Misc =============

Giveup Vote
– Reduced the amount of players needed to giveup from 5(4/3) to 4(3/2) players

New Command – Draw Vote (-draw)
– If both teams agree to draw the game, a new voting system is implemented
– 80% of the players need to agree on the draw vote, else it gets declined and the game continues

Creeps and Buildings
– Rocket Towers now deal damage in a slightly larger area
– Reduced the chance to miss attacks when attacking uphill from 25% to 0% (only applies to creeps and buildings)
– Increased the armor of the Commander creep from 5 to 8 (does not affect tank skills and weapons)
– Fixed Creeps not attacking the HQ

Observer slots
– We are investigating a potential issue where players seem to disconnect when there are more then 3 observer in the game
– Fixed an issue where observer slot 1 was missing the scoreboard

Spawn / Spawnenemy (Singleplayer)
– Fixed an issue where tanks spawned by these commands where not correctly affected by some abilities (mostly involving damage reduction / amplification)

============= Map ===============

Dark Force – Top Lane
– Moved some trees in front of the tower to make it easier for ground tanks to defend the tower

Light Force – Bottom Lane
– Moved some trees in front of the tower to make it easier for ground tanks to defend the tower

============= Items =============

Ghosts of Doom
– Fixed DPS display (no changes to the weapon itself).

Ritual of Negation
– Effect is now shown in team colors
– Size of visual effect increased to better match the actual area of effect

============= Tanks =============

Burning Oil
– Fixed a rare bug where the cooldown would be canceled, but the effect still triggered

Goblin Shredder
Goblin Synergy (E)
– Reduced range from 400/550/700/850/1000 to 400/500/600/700/800
Unit-Teleport (R)
– Reduced cast range from 800/1000/1200/1400/1600 to 800/950/1100/1250/1400
– Reduced slow duration from 4 to 3.5 seconds

Ghost Tank
Base stats
– Increased movement speed from 290 to 310
Sould Restore (R)
– Increased hit points per cast from 320/400/480/560/640 to 400/480/560/640/720

– Increased the Guard’s additional own hitpoint regeneration from 15/20/25/30/35 to 18/24/30/36/42

Heavy Tank
Aiming Rocket (Q)
– Increased mana costs from 6/12/18/24/30 to 8/16/24/32/40
Hail of Bombs (R)
– Reduced damage per cluster from 800/1000/1200/1400/1600 to 750/950/1150/1350/1550

Increased prize from 6000 to 7000 gold
Increased health from 6000 to 7000 health
Cannon Module (W)
– Removed the 25% miss chance
Portal (E)
– Both portals now share the same cooldown
Splash Cannon (T)
– Increased damage per shot from 80/160/240/320/400 to 100/200/300/400/500
Pacifista (R)
– Increased damage on summon from 600/800/1000/1200/1400 to 800/1000/1200/1400/1600
– Increased Pacifista health from 2200/2800/3400/4000/4600 to 2700/3300/4200/5100/6000
– Increased Pacifista base attack damage from 250/350/450/550/650 to 400/500/600/700/800
– Increased Pacifista damage upgrades from 25/35/45/55/65 to 40/50/60/70/80
– Increased Pacifista hp regeneration per second from 40/50/60/70/80 to 40/55/70/85/100
– Changed attack type from normal to hero (deals a little more damage to tanks, but a lot less against buildings)

– Increased damage from 300/600/900/1200/1500 to 350/650/950/1250/1550

Demon Tank
– Increased damage from 600-1075/800-1400/1000-1725/1200-2050/1400-2375 to 650-1100/850-1425/1050-1750/1250-2075/1450-2400
– Increased the lowest stun duration from 1.25 to 1.5 seconds
– A floating text now shows how much damage was dealt
Hell Implosion(R)
– Increased damage from 1400/1750/2100/2450/2800 to 1600/1950/2300/2650/3000

Sky Fortress
System Overload(R)
– Increased range from 800 to 900
– Increased projectile speed from 1000 to 1200

Frozen Tempest
Frost Bite(T)
– Increased range from 500 to 600
Cooling Shell(E)
– Increased armor on ground tanks from 3/3/4/4/5 to 4/4/5/5/6

Power Armor(E)
– Increased cooldown from 20 to 25 seconds
– Decreased armor duration from 5 to 4 seconds
Mark of the Titan(R)
– Decreased damage from 250/300/350/400/450 to 225/275/325/375/425