Battle Tanks 8.73

  • New tank: Architect (buyable at the Trade Market)
  • Goblin Shredder has been remade
  • Added a new Tower Ruin building: Teleport Beacon
  • New assist system (called support points)
  • Kill messages now include the info about who assisted
  • Items are now retrievable from force towers, by right clicking and moving to them
  • The kick requirements have been reworked again, deaths in a fast succession are now punished more
  • The gold of sold items is now also added to the leaver gold
  • Improved the pathability check for Control Point Teleport, Shredder Ultimate and AntiGrav Jump, to prevent the tank from getting stuck
  • Increased Tinker base hitpoints to 250
  • Decreased the base cooldown of the Tinker tower (100s -> 60s)
  • Decreased the damage and hitpoints of the Tinker Tower by ca. a third
  • Removed unit collision from the Tinker Towers and added a little minimal distance between towers
  • The max bonusses for the Damage and Hitpoint Tower Modules have been increased
  • Frost Prison (Frost Robot) no longer hits it’s target instantly, it now has a projectile
  • Increased the movement speed of the Demon Tank (290 -> 305)
  • Increased the duration (7s) and reduced the cooldown (25s) of the Smoke screen
  • Smoke screen invisibility will now be removed, when you take damage
  • Radar now only grants true sight in 450 range, but increases to 1250, when you are standing still for 2 seconds
  • Each team can now own up to two Troop Control Centers at the same time
  • The Bomb of the Troop Command Center no longer requires your team to own each Control Point
  • Maintenance now heals faster (10s -> 7s)
  • Recharge now heals faster (10s -> 5s)
  • Barricades and Rocket Tower now only stay for 3 minutes, but they are also cheaper now
  • Barricades, Rocket and Laser Tower now need some time until they can be build on the same Tower Ruin again
  • The team now receives a message and minimap ping, when someone builds a Teleport Beacon or a Factory
  • Fixed a bug, that wouldn’t let you sell items at the Trade Market
  • Fixed mana regeneration after respawn
  • Fixed Tinker Tower from being able to pick up healing runes
  • Fixed AI and some skill buffs from not working together at all (Banish, Keep on Fighting, Granitic Defense)
  • Fixed some skills from affecting the APM more than they should (Jump, Turbo Boost, etc)
  • Fixed the AI from not healing at the HQ
  • Fixed some Battery related bugs (including -playerswap)
  • Fixed the Bomb from not being placeable, even when an enemy factory was in your base
  • Fixed the TCC bomb from being placeable in your own base
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.72c

  • Fixed the non-working auto-AFK after 5 min
  • Fixed the Headquarters being vulnerable all the time
  • Fixed the graphical effect on the Watch Towers death
  • Fixed the Conquest Victory timer from not stopping after losing a CP
  • Fixed the Troop Command Center from not being buildable after one has been destroyed
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.72b

  • Base Factories now have a minor 1% heal again
  • Increased the healing range and amount of the Headquartes and Vehicle Factory by ca. 50%
  • Fixed the decreasing game performance
  • Fixed the non-working speed bonus of the Trader Hunter Pack
  • Fixed the new commands from being visible to everyone
  • Fixed the league building stats
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.72

  • Added -minedamage (-md), which shows how much damage your mines currently deal
  • Added -income, which shows the amount of gold you earned
  • Added two new consumable items, which are buyable at the Control Points
  • Detector and Teleport Breaker are also available at the Control Points
  • Control Points are now captured faster, when more tanks are near it
  • Control Points now recover half as fast after a failed conquer attempt
  • Control Points heal only half as fast, when you take damage
  • The normal factories in each base won’t heal anymore and they got a new model
  • Renamed the base factories and Spawning Factories to Troop Factory
  • Moved the towers on the mid lane a little bit towards the base
  • Made some terrain changes, to make it more accessable for ground tanks
  • Remade the kick command and its requirements, it’s also usable in League Mode again
  • The mana of the Troop Command Center is now saved, when it’s repacked
  • Ligthning Quake and Thunder now deal full damage against buildings
  • Updated some tooltips regarding the damage against buildings
  • Root (Guard) now costs 5 Mana on all levels
  • Gravity Grenade (Hunter) now also stops units that directly in the middle
  • Reduced the maximum characters of the -team command to 20
  • -afkai is no longer available in League Mode
  • Fixed the AfkAI from stopping the Afk-Counter
  • Fixed the league building stats
  • Fixed a rare desynch bug involving the Pilot
  • Fixed some leaks
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.71

  • Added the “Seeker” unit to the available units of the Troop Command Center
  • Reduced the cooldown of the Burning Projectiles (Normal) weapon from 2.5 to 0.4 (also re-adjusted the corresponding damage)
  • Banish (Demon Tank) now costs 8/16/24/32/40 energy (before: 10/20/30/40/50)
  • Disabled “-giveup” after the end of the match (bugfix)
  • Removed some possible “stuck positions”. (bugfix)
  • In the league mode, you can only kick players who were afk for at least 5 minutes (over the whole game / “afk” is specified in this case as: no action in 1 minute, then your “afk” time starts)
  • The commands “-share” and “-lai” are not available in the league mode anymore
  • The Ghost Tank may be hit by the Earthquake (Earth-Robot) now
  • System Overload (Sky Fortress) doesn’t treat the Ghost Tank like an air tank anymore
  • Rune Carving (Scout) now ignores the energy cost if the target is invalid
  • Fixed a problem causing floating gold tags to be not shown
  • Fixed a problem which did not add spawned mortars to your “summoned unit stats”
  • A few final fixes and additions for the new Battle Tanks league (release soon)
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Battle Tanks 8.70

  • Completely remade the Guard (Special Tanks – Market)
  • Remade Electro Schocker (Air Ship) completely
  • Added a new buyable weapon to the outpost: Energy Spears
  • Probably fixed a popular bug concerning leavers
  • Fixed a bug concerning the leaver-ai (-lai command)
  • Fixed a few other possibly appearing bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.69c

  • Fixed a bug concerning the official league mode
  • Fixed a bug which allowed you to kick not-existent players
  • Fixed a rare bug concerning a leaver’s items placed on an enemied junkyard
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Battle Tanks 8.69b

  • Changed the icon of Soul Collector (Ghost Tank)
  • Removed a bug which treated the Ghost Tank as an air unit when buying weapons
  • Removed a bug concerning the teleport animation and teleport breakers
  • Removed a bug concerning the Conquest Rush mode (High Tech is now set)
  • Fixed some pathability problems
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Battle Tanks 8.69

  • This versions is also playable on Mac computers now
  • Added the new weapon “Mystic Cannon” to the outpost
  • Burning Oil (Demolisher) now additionaly slowly burns away the energy of burning units
  • The Ghost Tank moves now without collision and is able to move through units, trees, cliffs, etc.
  • Summoned Deads (Ghost Tank) also have no collision anymore
  • Reduced the movement speed of the Ghost Tank from 280 to 270
  • Reduced the hitpoints of the Ghost Tank by 500
  • Soul Transfer (Ghost Tank) regenerates now only 25% of the absorbed hitpoints and energy (before: 50%)
  • Added a small transparency level to the Ghost Tank
  • The rooted Guard Tank now also slowes enemied movement speed in a range of 900 by 25%
  • The initial tech level of the “High Tech” (also included in “Conquest Rush”) Mode is lowered to 5 instead of 10, the tank level is still 10
  • Bombs are only placeable in your own base if an enemied factory is within your base now
  • Red has now 45 seconds to choose a mode, otherwise a mode is choosen by the game (preferably Normal)
  • Removed a bug which stopped the energy regeneration for rooted Guards at Control Points
  • Removed an exploit which caused the Control Point conquer to be bugged
  • Removed a bug which caused a misfunction if a player of the Dark Force Team tries to kick player 10 by “-kick 10”
  • Removed a bug which permanently reduced the height of flying tanks after being chaught by a net
  • Removed a bug which displayed incorrect numbers while taking over a Control Point
  • Optimized some issues in the script dealing with the removal of players who left
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