Battle Tanks 8.68

  • A Control Point Teleport is visible for enemies (short glowing of the CP) now
  • Replaced each teams Laser Towers at the Headquarters with an advanced version of it (Protective Tower)
  • Added the new hcl game mode Conquer Rush with the hcl “cr” for hostbots (10k, High Tech, Conquest Victory)
  • Added the option to start with 10k gold
  • Added the “Fog” option
  • A player cannot place bombs in the own base area anymore
  • The conditions for a successful -kick are remade (“yes” means [+4], “no” means [-4], no vote means [-1]. If the addition of all the values returns positive, the player is kicked)
  • A reason is addable for the -kick command and you can also use colours to refer to a player (example: “-kick red flaming”)
  • The conquer bar appearing whenever a player conquers a Control Point is filling up smoother now
  • Remade the general camera movement, added the command “-sc” to turn on/off smooth camera movement
  • Earthquake (Earth Robot) now also hits netted (previously flying) units
  • Added a minor optical change to Chain Lightning (Thunder Tank)
  • Improved the visual appearance of Ice Rain (Frost Robot)
  • Improved the visual appearance of Thunder Storm (Thunder Tank)
  • Fixed a minor issue concerning the gametimer when the match is over
  • Fixed a minor issue concerning Control point conquer when the match is over
  • Changed the general armour icon
  • Reworked some spots of the terrain concerning disabled pathing
  • Fixed some smaller and general bugs concerning modes, tanks and respawns
  • Changed the background music
  • Updated the League Beta script
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Battle Tanks 8.67c

  • Fixed a restart problem which occurred if the game leader (red) leaves the game
  • Fixed a potential problem which caused desynchronisations between players
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed explosives in the ‘no exploder’ mode
  • Fixed a problem with a complete player and tank removal if a player leaves the game
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed the Headquarters to stay invulnerable although both nearby towers are destroyed
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip (Frost Robot)
  • Updated the League Beta script
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Battle Tanks 8.67

  • The game modes are completely remade
  • Tank bounty, creep bounty, force upgrade gold and xp gaining rate are increased by 7% in all modes
  • There is a new anti feeder formula implented triggered by at least 3 deaths, its exact structure differs between the modes (team- and selfkills won’t be count)
  • Weapons carried by a tank are dealing 5% less damage against usual creeps
  • A tank dying in the main area of his own base needs 20% more time to be rebuilt now
  • Rebuilding the towers next to your headquarters will not longer make the headquarter invulnerable again
  • Spawning Factories in each Base (‘force factories’ only) receive a protective buff by the nearby original tower (damage reduction & hitpoint regeneration; not reproduceable once the corresponding tower is destroyed)
  • You can use the ‘net’ item on yourself now (your air/ground only weapons become disabled)
  • Fixed a tooltip issue treating the Trader like a Zeppelin
  • Added the Bounty Hunter ‘stat’ to the -stats command
  • Fixed an exploit which caused unlimited gold gain under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a problem concerning dropped items of a leaving player
  • Fixed The Light Fantastic’s (weapon) tooltip
  • Various small bugfixes involving votes and abilities
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Battle Tanks 8.66

  • The Frost Robot has a new model and icon
  • Added the ‘Bounty Hunter’ title to the victory stats
  • Added a counter to the conquer bar (Control Points)
  • Fixed the malfunctioning multi-page and market system for the yellow and light blue players
  • Fixed a bug concerning the selection of a market (observers as well)
  • Fixed a rare bug involving incorrect positioning of bought vehicles
  • Fixed a rare bug concerning explosion animations
  • Fixed a bug in -tmono mode concerning vehicles or leaving players
  • Fixed a bug with Tower Modules (Tinker) placement
  • Fixed a bug concerning Detector collision
  • Fixed some buff tooltips
  • You cannot place tower modules into enemied towers anymore
  • Decoys (Mediavac) aren’t created for destroyed buildings anymore
  • Reduced the Acid Cloud’s (Hunter) damage from 4% to 3% (of the maximal hitpoints)
  • Reduced the teleport range of the Speed Pack and Teleporter item from 3500 to 3000
  • Increased the mana costs to use the Speed Pack and Teleporter item from 25 to 30
  • Frost-Aura (Frost Robot) is now named Arctic Aura, has a new icon and its range is slightly reduced
  • Added a hotkey (Q) to the Destroy Towers (Tinker towers) ability
  • Partially removed the text which was located in the experience bar
  • Made two little changes concerning ingame texts and graphics
  • Added BT related tips to Warcraft’s ‘Tips’ menu
  • Added a changelog in the Info menu
  • Restricted hb mode to this version and removed the ‘5h’ hcl command string for bots
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Battle Tanks 8.65

  • 8.65 is fully playable on Mac computers
  • Replaced each team’s Trade Master with a Market
  • The Market (old: Trade Master) sells now Tinker, Trader, Exploder and Guard (“special tanks”)
  • The Market now has a multi-paged menu
  • You cannot buy the Trader (or other tanks) at the enemied Market anymore
  • Rewrote all tank descriptions
  • Extended the tooltip of Bombardement (Helicopter)
  • Made a very small change in the tooltip of the Supercell weapon
  • Made a very small change in the tooltip of the Aiming Rocket ability (Heavy Tank)
  • Removed armor upgrade icons of various invulnerable base buildings
  • Changed the model and name of the Market Place (Trade Outpost – Salt to Bazaar)
  • Replaced Swarm Rockets (Light Tank) with Cluster Shot
  • Replaced Mini-Rocket (Light Tank & Helicopter) with Triple Rocket
  • Fixed a bug concerning team renaming while a bot hosts the game
  • Fixed a bug concerning Tower Modules (Tinker)
  • Fixed a bug involving Trader items and a tank exchange
  • Fixed a bug which relocated the Mediavac while casting Support Systems
  • Fixed a bug concerning the “Show Item Owner” command of the Junkyard
  • Fixed a problem in the info message for the trader and not transportable items
  • Added the AoE effect to the tooltip of Superthrust (Mediavac)
  • Added a passive icon version for Electro-Aura (Thunder Tank)
  • Added a new graphical system for Lightning Strike (Thunder Tank)
  • Rescripted the scripts of the Thunder Tank (now vJass)
  • Changed the icon of Support Systems (Mediavac) (-18kb filesize)
  • Changed the icon of Decoy (Mediavac) (-14kb filesize)
  • Changed the icon of Life Converter (Mediavac) (-14kb filesize)
  • Changed the icon of Jet Propulsion (various Air Tanks)
  • Changed the icon of Fire Bomb (Helicopter)
  • Changed the icon of Aiming Rocket (Heavy Tank)
  • Changed the icon of Turbo Boost (Sky Fortress)
  • Changed the icon of the passive cannon skill which every tank has
  • Changed the symbol next to the stats of a tank to a golden coin (bounty)
  • Changed the optical appearance of the experience (EXP) bar
  • Made a little change concerning the “Victory” sound
  • Made a little change concerning the “Revive” tooltip of a destroyed tank
  • Creeps receive +10% damage from other creeps and Rocket Towers
  • Lowered the basic armor of the Artillery unit from 3 to 1 (-10% damage reduction)
  • Increased the basic movementspeed of the Sky Fortress by 15 to 275
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Battle Tanks 8.64

  • Fixed a malfunction bug concerning Defensive Systems (Scout)
  • Rescripted Rune Carving (Scout) and fixed a bug related to the ability
  • Replaced the icon for the primary tank cannon (ability) with a passive one
  • Replaced the icon of Reconstruction (Exploder)
  • Replaced the icon of Orbital Strike (Titan) with a better matching icon
  • Rescripted the Tinker’s scripts (now vJass)
  • Rescripted the Exploder’s scripts (now vJass)
  • Rescripted the Scout’s scripts (now vJass)
  • Added pathability blockers to usually inaccessable locations (bug prevention)
  • Remade EMP Shock (Exploder), uses a new graphical system now
  • Fixed a potential rounding issue concerning the script for the hosting bots
  • Fixed a bug concerning the AI Scout (Defensive Systems did not work)
  • Fixed a bug concerning the effect of Rune Carving (Scout) on runes
  • Made a smaller change in the script for the “Choose Random Tank” option
  • Made a smaller change in the script for the Extended Repair Kit (item)
  • Made a smaller change in the script for Destroy Towers (tinker towers)
  • Fixed a bug concerning Dimension Shift (Antigrav) on air units
  • Bomb Carpet (Sky Fortress) got a system for possibly delayed bombs
  • Fixed the tooltip of Defensive Systems (Scout)
  • Tower Modules (Tinker) no longer cause any lag upon level upgrades
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Battle Tanks 8.63b

  • Removed the floating debug messages
  • Creeps deal a bit less damage against tanks now (-8%)
  • Defensive Systems (Scout) is now an immediate cast, the tank doesn’t stop his current action anymore
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Battle Tanks 8.63

  • Increased the target area of the CP teleport, but the tank will still be ported within the old range
  • Reworked armor and attack types of creeps and buildings
  • Reduced the regeneration of buildings even further
  • Scout’s tank cannon now has a range of 1050
  • Defensive Systems (Scout) is now an active skill
  • Increased the initial hitpoints of the Medivac by 100
  • Rebalanced Acid Cloud (Hunter); damage, duration and cooldown -25%
  • Added an effect to Soul Collector (Ghost Tank)
  • Shredder, Thunder Hammer and Ice Prison are no longer able to target invulnerable units
  • The default zoom for observers is now 3500
  • Fixed the -give command, from sending the gold to the wrong player
  • Fixed the -team command, when observers are in the game
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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