Author: Battle Tanks

Battle Tanks 8.76c

[wpfilebase tag=file id=92 tpl=download-button /] Fixed v8.76b

Battle Tanks 8.76b

[wpfilebase tag=file id=91 tpl=download-button /] Fixed Storm Shock (Storm Tank) dealing no damage

Battle Tanks 8.76

[wpfilebase tag=file id=90 tpl=download-button /] Tank Balance When using the subability of HitnRun, no damage…

Battle Tanks 8.75d

Fixed Orbital Command having no cooldown

Battle Tanks 8.75c

All non-weapon item tooltips have been rewritten, for easier understanding of the effects Replaced -minedamage…

Battle Tanks 8.75b

Fixed the BTT winners not receiving their price as intended (loading screen)

Battle Tanks 8.75

Highlights Added a new tank to the Trader Market: Raider Added a new item shop…

Battle Tanks 8.74

New Tank: Storm Tank Replaced Beginner Mode with a new one: Royal Flush Readded Tank…

Battle Tanks 8.73c

Fixed Portals (Architect) from being able to teleport the Troop Command Center Fixed the Radar…

Battle Tanks 8.73b

Dustwave (Earth Robot) cooldown now decreases with each level Earth Robot now can't use any…