Battle Tanks 9.02 (1.8 MiB, 4834 downloads)

Battle Tanks 9.02 is compatible with the 1.29 patch for Warcraft 3 TFT. It is not compatible with older patches. The most recent version for older patches is Battle Tanks 9.00 which has most of the changes and bugfixes, but not all. You can find Battle Tanks 9.00 for earlier patches in our map archive.

  • ¬†Highlights
    • Added a new tank: Goblin Wrecker
    • The Goblin Wrecker can grab opponents with his hook and drag them towards the Wrecker
    • New Weapons
    • Kinetic Shield nerfed
  • Tank Changes
    • New Tank Goblin Wrecker for 8500 gold. Can be bought at the market.
    • Thunder-Tank => movespeed increased from 295 to 310
    • Electro-Aura (Thunder-Tank) => Increased damage from 35/70/105/140/175 to 45/90/135/180/215
    • Reworked Entangling Roots (Guard):
      – Entangles only ground units for 1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5 seconds
      – Damage 1000/1250/1500/1750/2000
      – Air units take 150% damage
      – Has a 0.5 sec delay
    • Entangling Roots (Guard) => Reduced Mana-cost from 48/60/72/84/96 to 48/57/66/75/84
    • Natural Energy (Guard) => Heals the Guard by 50% when uprooted (didnt heal before)
    • Guard Natural Energy heals 5/10/15/20/25 % instead of 6/12/18/24/30 %
    • Gravity Grenade (Hunter) => Stun/Channel-Duration decreased from 2.0/2.5/3.0/3.5/4.0 to 1.8/2.2/2.6/3.0/3.4
    • Portal (Architect) => Does not teleport enemies anymore
    • Pacifista (Architect)
      – Pacifista has now a timed lifespan
      – It expires after 40 seconds (had no expiration before)
      – The spell cd still has 60 seconds cooldown
      – Pacifista will explode upon expiration
      – 10 seconds before the timeout, the pacifista gets a special effect (red color) which shows that the pacifista will expire soon
    • Keep On Fighting (Titan) => Renamed into Power Armor- Is a normal ability on hotkey E now. (was the ultimate with hotkey R previously)
      – The target effect is instant now (no target)
      – All allied units in range get an armor bonus instead of invlunerability
    • Devil Fire (Titan) => Renamed into Mark of the Titan
      – Is the ultimate with hotkey R now. (was a normal ability on hotkey E previously)
      – Creates explosions that deal damage to ground units
      – Reduces the armor of enemies in the area of effect
  • Items
    • Ultimate-Pack (instant) => Reduced cost from 10000 to 9500 gold
    • Ultimate-Pack Blueprint => Reduced cost from 1000 to 250 gold
    • Kinetic Shield => Decreased Damage-Reduction-Bonus from 200 to 150 per force upgrade (weapons + armor)
    • Kinetic Shield: Damage share mechanism was nerfed, depending on the amount of tanks under the shield.
    • Changed Weapons: Fan of Knives, Rock Catapult, Soulstone, Frost Magic, Death Magic, Acid Cannon, Axe Launcher, Flak, Bombs, AA Gun, Supercell, Ice Cannon.
    • New Weapons: Fire Torpedo, Darkness Spears, Plasma Ray, Poison Blaster, Battle Frenzy, Holy Light, Light Cannon, Void Cannon, Enchanted Bombarding, Reaper, Energy Blaster, Frost Arrows, Skull Cannon
  • Misc
    • Weapon shop Monolith
    • Added a new shop Beast Trader
    • Added a new shop Knight Trader
    • Moved Paladin Trader next to the Pandaren Trader
    • Changed Weapon Toggle Speed from 1.5 to 0.5
    • Added floating message for weapons that are out of mana (such as Holy Light (Heal) or Architect Tank Cannon)
    • Troop Factory (Base) selling Mortar Team, Reinforcement, Maintenance, Recharge, Detector, Teleport Breaker now.
      (Previously, it sold only Mortar Team and Reinforcement)
    • Headquarters (Base) doesn’t sell Mortar Team and Reinforcement anymore
    • Headquarters (Base): Changed the Aura-Creep-Upgrade position from X to R
    • When a laser tower dies (built by a player), the laser-tower is on cooldown for 8 minutes (starting with the destruction of the tower and not the construction of the tower).
    • Control Point Holder
      – If a team controls all 6 CPs, their force-creeps gain initally 30% max hp, and every 5 min another 30% max HP
      – This means: after holding all CPs for 5 minutes, the force-creeps gain 60% bonus-HP, and after 10 minutes they gain 90% and so on
      – If the team loses a CP, the creep-buff gets removed
      – While the team does not hold all CPs, they lose 1 buff (aka 30%) every 5 min until they get all CPs back
      – With the command -tech you can check your current Control-Point-Holder bonus
      – You can recognize the buffed creeps by their size – they are slightly bigger
      – Only creeps spawned by the force (base) get buffed. This does NOT include creeps spawned by a player or a player-owned Troop-Fatory
  • Bugfixes
    • CP conquering timer bug fixed.
    • Interaction of long range weapon with dead tanks fixed