Battle Tanks 8.55

  • New base design
  • You now have to destroy the Artillery Factory to win the game
  • Added a Bomb ability to the Troop Command Center
  • Increased the range of the shops
  • Detectors and Teleport Breakers are no longer invulnerable, instead they are magic immune
  • Detecors now have 3 charges
  • Reconstruction now revives the Exploder with 20% of his max Mana
  • The floating bounty text now shows the bonus you got through Bounty Hunter
  • Improved the AI Guard unroot behaviour a little bit
  • Renamed Weak Creeps into Weak Forces to prevent confusion about its real effect
  • Fixed a rare bug, when Engeneering Upgrade (Tinker) caused desynchs
  • Fixed runes created by Rune Carving (Scout) from healing enemies
  • Fixed Orbital Command, so that it deals 6 strikes, like stated in the tooltip, instead of only 5
  • Fixed the speed bonus of Thunder Hammer from sometimes not disappearing
  • Fixed a bug which counted dying Goblin Riots as creep kills for the red player
  • Fixed the giveup command
  • Fixed an old bug, which wouldn’t let you get XP for killed tanks
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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