Battle Tanks 8.22

  • Explosives are cheaper (2500 -> 2200)
  • New bounty formula: (100+(TankCosts/50))*(Kills+50)/(Deaths+50)
  • Factories have more Hit Points (7500 -> 8500)
  • Factories are more expensive (2750 -> 3300)
  • Optimized effects
  • Fixed some bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.21

  • Bounty now also depends on your Kill-Death-Ratio
  • Death-Messages now also show the gold you got
  • Reduced gold cost for Battery (500 -> 400)
  • Reduced the damage, stun and cooldown of Thunder Hammer (Goblin Tank) by a 1/3
  • A floating text now shows up when Exploder survives due to his skill
  • When you are afk the inventory of your Tech Mech’s and Tower are also filled
  • Fixed the Multiboard-Icons
  • Fixed the XP-Bug
  • Fixed the -pstats command
  • Fixed the Hyperspace Breaker
  • Fixed a bug that caused Lava- and Chaos-Servants to spawn very rarely
  • Own Creeps now have just as much HP as the ones of the Forces
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Battle Tanks 8.20

  • “-fog” to enable fog of war
  • “-noweather” disables the weather effects for a single player
  • Improved effects
  • Abilities destroy the environment
  • Mines cannot be stacked on the ground
  • Explosives are 25% more expensive
  • Bomb is purchasable
  • In Bombing Run now every player has a reusable bomb
  • Frost Robot is a bit weaker
  • Infernal Robot is now faster and has stronger abilities
  • Factory costs 2750 now and spawns 2 Marines, 1 Commander, 1 Artillery and 1 Zeppelin for the owning player
  • A team is now able to have 5 additional factories
  • Added Hyperspace Breaker against teleporters
  • Added Orbital Control
  • Added personal stats codes
  • Restarted the league with a new system
  • Changed the terrain
  • Fixed an issue with the CP-Teleporter
  • Fixed tower module hotkeys
  • Fixed some trader infos
  • Fixed a bug with teleporting into the enemies’ base
  • Fixed some bot issues
  • Fixed detector
  • Fixed stuck with jump
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