Battle Tanks 8.76c

BTanks876c (1.0 MiB, 8079 downloads)
  • Fixed v8.76b
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Battle Tanks 8.76b

BTanks876b (1.0 MiB, 1218 downloads)
  • Fixed Storm Shock (Storm Tank) dealing no damage
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Battle Tanks 8.76

BTanks876 (1.0 MiB, 2251 downloads)
  • Tank Balance
    • When using the subability of HitnRun, no damage will be dealt by HitnRun
    • Reduced the max damage and range of HitnRun (Raider)
    • When using the subability of HitnRun, no damage will be dealt by HitnRun
    • The damage dealt by HitnRun will now be split evenly among all targets
    • Floating Texts now show the damage HitnRun deals
    • Added countdown text over the Raider for HitnRun
    • Reworked Shape Memory Alloy (Raider) a little bit
    • Improved Repair (Light Tank)
    • Multi-Rocket-Shot (Light Tank) is now a targetted ability, instead of instant
    • Cannon Module (Architect) is now recastable on a target, which already has the module
  • Item Balance
    • Burst Armor now blocks 600 damage every 4s, instead of 750 damage every 5s
    • Deflective Armor now blocks 50 damage every 0.33s, instead of 60 damage every 0.4s
    • Burst and Deflective Armor now cost 25% more gold (including upgrades)
    • Burst and Deflective Armor upgrade now both require Armor Upgrade level 4
    • Made some changes, which should improve performance, related to the upgraded Deflective Armor
    • Mass Converter now also includes an upgraded Deflective Armor and keeps the passive heal of the Repair Robots
  • Game Changes
    • Added hotkeys for every Troop Command Center ability
    • Single giveup votes are now private for the team, only the result will be public
    • Giveup votes are now withdrawn, by entering “-giveup revoke”
    • The Control Point heal will now be reduced by 50%, when enemy tanks are within 500 range of your CP
    • The Control Point heal will no longer be reduced, when you take damage
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed weapon damage not removing the Smoke Generator invisibility
    • Fixed Dimension Shift (AntiGrav) removing tanks from the CP conquer check
    • Fixed HitnRun (Raider) Teleport Breaker check
    • Fixed the Turbo Boost (Sky Fortress) movement from sometimes not working
    • Fixed the HitnRun animation from staying on the map permanently in some cases
    • Fixed Granitic Defense damage reduction always staying on level 1
    • Fixed Energy Leash (Storm Tank) pulling the Ghost Tank
    • Fixed Air Mines only dealing damage against tanks
    • Fixed incorrect upgrade costs for the Poison Magic
    • Fixed incorrect transparency for some tanks, after invisibility ended
    • Fixed Burst Armor not blocking everything it was supposed to
    • Fixed Deflective Armor from constantly interrupting ability aiming
    • Fixed multiboards for observers
    • Fixed some potential observer related bugs
    • Fixed some minor bugs
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