Battle Tanks 9.19 Protected (4.9 MiB, 478 downloads)

============ General ============

Game Start
– Delay for unit spawn and passive player income has been increased from 10s to 30s

– Removed passive regeneration of all buildings, except Barricade and Buildings created by tank abilities
– Removed HP and Mana regeneration auras from all buildings in the Base, except the Vehicle Factory (the spawn point)

– Items placed on the Junkyard are now sorted by player

– Adjusted the ramp around the Light Force Mid Control Point a bit

Team Networth Command
– A new command (-nw or -networth) was added, which will show the cumulated networth of both teams

Test Mode
– Added a new Alternative game mode option, which enables single player commands (mainly for multiplayer testing)

============ Tanks ============

– Invulnerability time after respawn reduced from 3s to 2.5s

(Q) Heat-Seeking Missiles
– Adjusted damage from 140/230/320/410/500 to 160/245/330/415/500

Goblin Shredder
(W) Magnetic Pull
– Reduced the stun time from 0.6s to 0.3s
(E) Goblin-Synergy
– It now has a fixed range of 800
– Each level of the spell increases the possible max stacks to 2/3/4/5/6 of armor and speed for any nearby tank
(R) Unit-Teleport
– Decreased the range from 800/950/1100/1250/1400 to 800/900/1000/1100/1200

Ghost Tank
(E) Summoning of Dead
– Reduced Base-HP from 750 to 600
– Fixed the damage not scaling correctly with unit upgrades (reduced from 10 to 7 per upgrade)

(Q) Roots
– You cannot root in Control Point range anymore
– Increased Healing from
1% + 20 / 1% + 40 / 2% + 60 / 2% + 80 / 3% + 100 to
1% + 30 / 1% + 50 / 2% + 70 / 2% + 90 / 3% + 110
– Self heal while rooted increased from 18/24/30/36/42 to 20/28/36/44/52
– The Guard now gains a bonus 1/1/2/2/3 armor while being rooted

Heavy Tank
(Q) Aiming Rocket
– Increased the mana cost from 8/16/24/32/40 to 10/20/30/40/50

– Decreased price from 7000 to 6000 gold
– Decreased hit points from 7000 to 6000
– Decreased extended Armor requirements from 4 to 3

Goblin Brawler
– Reduced collision size and model size
(W) Charge
– Charge cannot be interrupted by stuns anymore
– Increased area in which enemies are caught by about 10%
(E) Plasma Shield
– Reworked the spell to have charges instead of a one time use. You can hold up to 3 shield Charges
– You cannot collect a shield as long as you have an active one on your tank
– The cooldown to use the spell has been set to 3s and you gain a charge every 30 seconds (same as the cooldown before)

Darkness Tank
(R) Darkness Sphere
– Fixed a bug that caused some abilities to not deal damage / stun when cast from within the sphere

Demon Tank
(Q) Lava-Shot
– Decreased stun from
1.50-2.00/1.50-2.25/1.50-2.50/1.50-2.75/1.50-3.00 to
– Increased Cooldown from 35s to 40s
– Reduced the hitbox of the stun projectile from 175 range to 150 range
(R) Hell-Implosion
– Increased Cooldown from 30s to 35s

(Q) Obelisk
– Removed the stun
– Units teleporting into the range of the Obelisk now will be silenced for 1.0 / 1.5 / 2.0 / 2.5 / 3.0 seconds
– The Obelisk attack now slows its targets by 20% for 3s
– Fixed the Obelisk damage not scaling correctly with unit upgrades (was way too low)
(R) Mark of the Titan
– Damage now affects all units instead of Ground Only

============ Items ============

Goblin Trader
– Removed Speed Pack, Hunter Pack, Power Pack and Ultimate Pack from the Goblin Trader
– Instead you now have to buy the blueprints from the Troll Trader in order to combine the items

Electro Cannon
– Increased price from 2700g to 2750g
– Increased damage from 206 to 210

Emergency Repair
– Decreased heal bonus for each creep upgrade from 7.5% to 5.0%

– Reduced cost from 250g to 180g

– Reduced cost from 250g to 180g

Deflective Armor
– Now blocks between 60 and 10 damage
– Blocks more when the enemy is close and less when the damage source is far away
– full 60 damage block when enemy less than 200 range away, only blocks 10 damage when 1000 or more range away
– blocks gets progressivly lower between 200 and 1000 range
– Removed restriction of blocking at most 40 / 35% of the incoming damage

Small/Large/Huge Explosive
– Increased Self- and Ally-damage from 50% to 60%
– Increased cooldown from 30s to 40s

– Decreased range from 3000 to 2000

Speed Pack
– Decreased range from 3000 to 2250

Trader Hunter Pack
– Decreased range from 3000 to 2250

Ultimate Pack
– Decreased range from 3000 to 2500
– increased price of blueprint from 250g to 1000g

============ Bugfixes ============

Fixed creeps attacking their own towers in some rare cases

Fixed CPTPs sometimes not working on the bottom Dark Force Control Point

Fixed sometimes selecting the second page of a shop instead of the first one

Fixed AI not learning any skills on some tanks