Battle Tanks 8.79 Beta 2

Battle Tanks 8.79 Beta 2 (1.2 MiB, 1728 downloads)
  • Fixed a bug with S.I.C. (Distributor) that fucked up everything
  • Fixed Splash Cannon (Architect) from losing its active state after a death or Dimension Shift

Battle Tanks 8.79 Beta 1

Battle Tanks 8.79 Beta 1 (1.2 MiB, 1210 downloads)
  • Highlights
    • Added two new tanks: Darkness Tank and Distributor
    • Rearranged all tanks in the tank shops!
    • Added two new blueprints: Emergency Repair and Kinetic Shields
  • Item Changes
    • Added a new late game siege item: Black Sun Project
    • Added a new base item: Area Boost
  • Game Changes
    • Vehicle Factory now has a second shop page
    • Added buyable temporary creep wave buffs to the HQ
    • Added a new ability to Rocket Towers, which increases its attack speed for a short time
    • Added a new Tower Ruin building: Camouflage Generator
    • Increased the amount of support points you gain (for buying upgrades, towers, etc)
    • Buying Teleport Breakers and Detectors now also grants support points
    • The endgame screen no longer adds support points and assists together in one row (like the multiboard does)
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed hotkeys for the Trade Market
    • Fixed long range weapons working on Tech Mechs
    • Fixed Freezing Missile from only slowing tanks
    • Fixed some triggered missiles from sometimes stopping when following a fast tank
    • Fixed Gravity Grenade (Hunter) from affecting invulnerable targets
    • Fixed some minor bugs