Battle Tanks 8.69c

  • Fixed a bug concerning the official league mode
  • Fixed a bug which allowed you to kick not-existent players
  • Fixed a rare bug concerning a leaver’s items placed on an enemied junkyard
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Battle Tanks 8.69b

  • Changed the icon of Soul Collector (Ghost Tank)
  • Removed a bug which treated the Ghost Tank as an air unit when buying weapons
  • Removed a bug concerning the teleport animation and teleport breakers
  • Removed a bug concerning the Conquest Rush mode (High Tech is now set)
  • Fixed some pathability problems
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Battle Tanks 8.69

  • This versions is also playable on Mac computers now
  • Added the new weapon “Mystic Cannon” to the outpost
  • Burning Oil (Demolisher) now additionaly slowly burns away the energy of burning units
  • The Ghost Tank moves now without collision and is able to move through units, trees, cliffs, etc.
  • Summoned Deads (Ghost Tank) also have no collision anymore
  • Reduced the movement speed of the Ghost Tank from 280 to 270
  • Reduced the hitpoints of the Ghost Tank by 500
  • Soul Transfer (Ghost Tank) regenerates now only 25% of the absorbed hitpoints and energy (before: 50%)
  • Added a small transparency level to the Ghost Tank
  • The rooted Guard Tank now also slowes enemied movement speed in a range of 900 by 25%
  • The initial tech level of the “High Tech” (also included in “Conquest Rush”) Mode is lowered to 5 instead of 10, the tank level is still 10
  • Bombs are only placeable in your own base if an enemied factory is within your base now
  • Red has now 45 seconds to choose a mode, otherwise a mode is choosen by the game (preferably Normal)
  • Removed a bug which stopped the energy regeneration for rooted Guards at Control Points
  • Removed an exploit which caused the Control Point conquer to be bugged
  • Removed a bug which caused a misfunction if a player of the Dark Force Team tries to kick player 10 by “-kick 10”
  • Removed a bug which permanently reduced the height of flying tanks after being chaught by a net
  • Removed a bug which displayed incorrect numbers while taking over a Control Point
  • Optimized some issues in the script dealing with the removal of players who left
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