Battle Tanks 8.27

  • Mine damage now increases with each weapon upgrade (+3%)
  • A floating text shows the damage a mine has done
  • Removed the radar from the Mine Remote Fuse
  • A new Pilot will now be the start unit
  • Reworked No Tinker Mode
  • The Dead, Lava- and Chaos-Servants now have 25% less Hitpoints
  • Troop Command and Reinforcements will no longer spawn all units at once
  • Units summoned by Troop Command or Reinforcements will only last for 20 seconds
  • Rebalanced the Bounty formula, the Bounty will grow slower than before
  • You can no longer build a Factory in your base when there already are 6 of them
  • Decreased Trader movement speed and Shadowwalk duration
  • Decreased the regeneration of the Barricade
  • Guard can no longer heal buildings
  • You have now 30 seconds to choose all options in Custom Mode
  • Increased the damage of Hail of Bombs (Heavy Tank)
  • Fixed some minor Bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.26

  • Multi Bow, Artillery and Plasma Fragments now have different Weapon-Modes instead of Upgrades
  • Remade Molotov Cocktail
  • Increased the Damage-Bonus for Only Creeps-Weapons from +25% to +100%
  • Rebalanced Healing Drones
  • Creeps (Marine, Commander, Artillery and Zeppelin) summoned by a player now provide a minor bounty
  • Added a Tinker option to the Custom Mode (No Tinker, Only Tinker)
  • Dimension Shift (Anti Grav) now also deals Damage
  • Fixed a Bug with Trader and Bomb
  • Fixed some minor Bugs
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