8.77 Beta – New Kick System

Hey there,

it happened again, I reworked the kick system. People expressed their general displeasure about the kick system on several occasions, so now I came up with something new. Before I explain how the new system works, I want to talk about the current one and describe what it did and why it did it the way it did.

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Battle Tanks 8.77 Beta 2

Battle Tanks 8.77 Beta 2 (1.0 MiB, 1485 downloads)


  • New Changes
    • Remade the kick system (again)
    • Added two new weapons to the Outpost
    • Added an effect, which shows when Control Points heal with half the speed
    • Long range weapons now also attack buildings, but they won’t damage them
    • Increased the aoe of the second wave of Metal Stars (Shredder) from 400 to 500
    • Increased upgrade cost for Acid Cannon (3000g -> 5100g)
    • Decreased upgrade cost for Supercell (12500g -> 7500g)
    • Repair Robots are now cheaper (2000g -> 1500g)
    • Maintenance now repairs 500 hp plus 20% from upgrades, instead 750 hp plus 10%
    • Increased Maintenance costs from 100g to 150g
    • Recharge now heals 15 mana plus 20% from upgrades, instead of 20 mana plus 10%
    • Recharge now has 3 charges, instead of 2
    • Aura Creeps spawned by the Aura Creep upgrades now all spawn at the HQ
    • Reduced the price of the Aura Creep upgrades from 3000 to 2250 gold
    • Added three abilities to the Tech Mech, which allow him to use Teleport Breakers, Nets and Detectors from his inventory
    • Improved heal and resistance of Strategic Locations (20 -> 25 hp/s; 15% -> 20% resistance)
    • Changed Strategic Locations on the upper and middle lane a bit
    • Made some game performance related improvements
    • Fixed Strategic Location not providing any regeneration
    • Fixed Control Points only regenerating mana with half the speed, when the hp were full
    • Fixed the multiboard with the ally health bars from not updating properly
    • Fixed Splash Cannon (Architect) turning off arbitrarily sometimes
    • Fixed giveup votes from being accepted instantly, when the last player without a vote leaves
    • Fixed Ensnare (Scout) from not disabling air only weapons
  • Beta Related Changes
    • Made several improvements to the new endgame multiboard
    • Reduced Offroad Engine (Goliath) speed bonus from 40% to 25%
    • Remade Take Aim (Goliath) into a stackable skill
    • Devastator Shot (Goliath) now has a smaller hit aoe (200 -> 150)
    • Reduced the respawn time increase from Devastator Shot (max 48% -> 40%)
    • Improved the turret movement of the Goliath in combination with the Heavy Tank Cannon
    • Added a burning effect to the barrels of the Goliath during the cast time of the Devastator Shot
    • Improved the effect of Orbital Strike (Titan)
    • Increased cast range (1000 -> 1600) and delay (1.0 -> 1.6s) of Orbital Strike
    • Increased cast range of Build Obelisk (Titan) from 300 to 600, but the Obelisk now needs one second to activate
    • Changed the effect of Devil Fire
    • Fixed Offroad Engine from removing any bought mana upgrade