Battle Tanks 8.25

  • Fixed a Bug with Tech-Items and your Bounty
  • Fixed a Bug where no one could move when Host didn’t choose all options in Custom Mode
  • Also fixed some minor Bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.24

  • New Ultimate for Tinker
  • New Item: Web Launcher
  • Trader can no longer use upgraded Hulls
  • Bomb no longer explodes when it’s destroyed
  • The Forces now research 2 Upgrades every 5 minutes
  • The maximum for the Upgrades increased (20 -> 30)
  • Some Items reqiure Upgrades to be available (only a few for now)
  • The Creeps’ attack- and defend-symbols now show the Upgrade-Level
  • The start Upgrade-Level in Rush is now 10
  • Removed Bombing Run and Ultrarush and implemented Custom Mode
  • A Factory now need 5 Food
  • Added an ability, which allows you to transform you Factory back to an item
  • You can now also type “-nw” for no weather
  • Healing Drones: less damage, longer Cooldown and changed attack animation
  • Fixed some Bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.23

  • Rebalanced Thunder Hammer (Goblin Tank) and Heavy Rocket (Heavy Tank), Stun now increases with each level
  • Buffed Electro Aura (Thunder Tank), Lightning Strike (Thunder Tank) and Healing Drones (Air Ship)
  • Nerfed Reconstruction (50% -> 35%)
  • Trader can’t buy the Bomb at Goblin Trader anymore
  • Bomb is now vulnerable after being placed (5000 HP) and cheaper (4000 Gold)
  • Each Hull has a own Upgrade
  • When you place a item into a tower they still count to your bounty
  • Increased Tech Mech’s inventory to 6 slots
  • Mines now also damage invisible units
  • Explosives now deal 25% of their damage to buildings and 50% to allied units
  • Reduced the maximum number of additional factories to 3 again
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