Battle Tanks 8.35

  • You can now also use “-lai” for -leaverai
  • Fixed a Bug that set your level back to 1 in NoTinkerMode
  • Fixed a Bug with the Survivor award
  • Fixed the Tower Module Mana-Bug
  • Fixed a Bug which caused the AI to get stuck
  • Reduced the collusion size of the Pilot
  • Moved the Spawn Location closer to the Vehicle Factory
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Battle Tanks 8.34

  • Fixed some AI bugs
  • AI buys cheaper tanks
  • “-leaverai” makes leavers be controlled by the AI
  • Guards don’t heal each other when rooted
  • Infernal Robot and Titan are weaker
  • League passwords consist of letters now
  • League passwords do not have to be changed after every game
  • Teleport Breakers cannot stuck tanks any longer
  • Teleport Breakers do not affect CP-Teleporters
  • Trade Hotkey is A
  • Anti-Grav costs 1400 gold
  • Demolisher has 2000 Hit Points
  • Factory costs 3500 gold
  • Upgrades cost 1700 gold
  • Radar has 800 range and costs 1000 gold
  • Traders have the possibility to gain a monopoly on trade points
  • Optimized Scripts
  • Fixed some bugs
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