Battle Tanks 8.33

  • The Conquest-Victory-Timer won’t completly reset now, when you lose a Control Point
  • Reduced the gold cost of the Reinforcements (500 -> 400)
  • Increased the gold cost ot the Mortar Team (300 -> 400)
  • Increased the full damage range of Explosives and Mines from 25% to 50%
  • Rebalanced Soul Collector (Ghost Tank)
  • Treants now also have 25% less Hitpoints
  • Stun of Entangling Roots (Guard) increases with each level and damage increased
  • Decreased the minimum health and duration of Keep On Fighting (Titan)
  • Decreased the model size of the Titan a bit
  • Minor changes on the base
  • Fixed a Bug with the Jet Propulsion Icon
  • Fixed a Bug with the -league command
  • Fixed a Bug which caused Dimension Shift (Anti Grav) to do no damage
  • Fixed the tooltips of the Mine-Skills
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Battle Tanks 8.31

  • Tech Mech is affected by force upgrades
  • Multibow is creep-only and has an upgrade
  • Improved AI
  • “-league” automatically turns tips off
  • “-stats x” shows stats about player x
  • Ice Prison only stuns for 2 seconds
  • Fixed Infernal Fire Rain
  • Fixed Chaos Teleport
  • Fixed item cooldown bugs
  • Fixed factory limit for bases
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.30

  • Hyperspace Breaker now moves teleporting units to it
  • Edited the langscape near the trade masters
  • Removed lightning effects
  • Removed flamer effects
  • Fixed “-weather” and “-w”
  • Fixed a bug with conquering CPs
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.29

  • New Tank: Titan
  • New Item: Mortar Team
  • New Host Command: -effects (-e) Turns the effects (Burning Trees, Commander Flamethrower) on or off
  • Recoded Infernal Fire Rain (Infernal Robot)
  • You can now increase the level of your Trade-Ability
  • You get a little gold bonus now when you capture a Control Point
  • Force now upgrades Attack and Defense every 5 minutes, instead of choosing the lowest upgrades
  • When there are no more upgrades to research, your Force gets bonus gold for them
  • Mine Remote Fuse now shows how much Mines are still nearby
  • Barricade has less HP and inventory has been removed
  • Instead of blocking the capturing of a CP, a Barricade only slows it down by 50%
  • Reduced the Cooldown and spawned Troops of the Troop Command by half
  • Reduced the Cooldown of the Net Launcher (60 -> 40 seconds)
  • Increased the range of the Detector (750 -> 1000)
  • Changed some Tips
  • Fixed a Bug in Rush Mode, which set the Level to 1
  • Fixed the Bug with the AI from last version
  • Fixed a Bug with Shredder Ultimate and Orbital Control
  • Pilot can’t use the items in his inventory anymore
  • Fixed some minor Bugs
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