Battle Tanks 8.72b

  • Base Factories now have a minor 1% heal again
  • Increased the healing range and amount of the Headquartes and Vehicle Factory by ca. 50%
  • Fixed the decreasing game performance
  • Fixed the non-working speed bonus of the Trader Hunter Pack
  • Fixed the new commands from being visible to everyone
  • Fixed the league building stats
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.72

  • Added -minedamage (-md), which shows how much damage your mines currently deal
  • Added -income, which shows the amount of gold you earned
  • Added two new consumable items, which are buyable at the Control Points
  • Detector and Teleport Breaker are also available at the Control Points
  • Control Points are now captured faster, when more tanks are near it
  • Control Points now recover half as fast after a failed conquer attempt
  • Control Points heal only half as fast, when you take damage
  • The normal factories in each base won’t heal anymore and they got a new model
  • Renamed the base factories and Spawning Factories to Troop Factory
  • Moved the towers on the mid lane a little bit towards the base
  • Made some terrain changes, to make it more accessable for ground tanks
  • Remade the kick command and its requirements, it’s also usable in League Mode again
  • The mana of the Troop Command Center is now saved, when it’s repacked
  • Ligthning Quake and Thunder now deal full damage against buildings
  • Updated some tooltips regarding the damage against buildings
  • Root (Guard) now costs 5 Mana on all levels
  • Gravity Grenade (Hunter) now also stops units that directly in the middle
  • Reduced the maximum characters of the -team command to 20
  • -afkai is no longer available in League Mode
  • Fixed the AfkAI from stopping the Afk-Counter
  • Fixed the league building stats
  • Fixed a rare desynch bug involving the Pilot
  • Fixed some leaks
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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