Battle Tanks 8.64

  • Fixed a malfunction bug concerning Defensive Systems (Scout)
  • Rescripted Rune Carving (Scout) and fixed a bug related to the ability
  • Replaced the icon for the primary tank cannon (ability) with a passive one
  • Replaced the icon of Reconstruction (Exploder)
  • Replaced the icon of Orbital Strike (Titan) with a better matching icon
  • Rescripted the Tinker’s scripts (now vJass)
  • Rescripted the Exploder’s scripts (now vJass)
  • Rescripted the Scout’s scripts (now vJass)
  • Added pathability blockers to usually inaccessable locations (bug prevention)
  • Remade EMP Shock (Exploder), uses a new graphical system now
  • Fixed a potential rounding issue concerning the script for the hosting bots
  • Fixed a bug concerning the AI Scout (Defensive Systems did not work)
  • Fixed a bug concerning the effect of Rune Carving (Scout) on runes
  • Made a smaller change in the script for the “Choose Random Tank” option
  • Made a smaller change in the script for the Extended Repair Kit (item)
  • Made a smaller change in the script for Destroy Towers (tinker towers)
  • Fixed a bug concerning Dimension Shift (Antigrav) on air units
  • Bomb Carpet (Sky Fortress) got a system for possibly delayed bombs
  • Fixed the tooltip of Defensive Systems (Scout)
  • Tower Modules (Tinker) no longer cause any lag upon level upgrades
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Battle Tanks 8.63b

  • Removed the floating debug messages
  • Creeps deal a bit less damage against tanks now (-8%)
  • Defensive Systems (Scout) is now an immediate cast, the tank doesn’t stop his current action anymore
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Battle Tanks 8.63

  • Increased the target area of the CP teleport, but the tank will still be ported within the old range
  • Reworked armor and attack types of creeps and buildings
  • Reduced the regeneration of buildings even further
  • Scout’s tank cannon now has a range of 1050
  • Defensive Systems (Scout) is now an active skill
  • Increased the initial hitpoints of the Medivac by 100
  • Rebalanced Acid Cloud (Hunter); damage, duration and cooldown -25%
  • Added an effect to Soul Collector (Ghost Tank)
  • Shredder, Thunder Hammer and Ice Prison are no longer able to target invulnerable units
  • The default zoom for observers is now 3500
  • Fixed the -give command, from sending the gold to the wrong player
  • Fixed the -team command, when observers are in the game
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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