Battle Tanks 8.75c

  • All non-weapon item tooltips have been rewritten, for easier understanding of the effects
  • Replaced -minedamage with -itemdamage (-id), which also shows Orbital, Bomb and current Explosives damage
  • Rebalanced Static Charge (Raider)
  • Decreased the heal of Shape Memory Alloy from 25%/lvl to 20%/lvl
  • HitnRun (Raider) now has a bigger aoe (500->750) and more mana costs, but also deals less damage
  • HitnRun (Raider) is now affected by Teleport Breakers (only the teleport to the target)
  • The Repair Kits now repair with a much smoother interval
  • Increased cooldown of the Advanced Troop Command a bit (35s -> 40s)
  • Reworked Poison Magic into a multi-projectile weapon
  • Increased the Flamer cooldown from 0.1 to 0.15 (with same DPS)
  • The upgrade for Flamer is now more expensive (1500g -> 3000g)
  • Death Magic now attacks both creeps and buildings, instead of only creeps
  • Fixed Burning Oil sometimes triggering cooldown, without any effect
  • Fixed the teleporting back from HitnRun not properly dodging projectiles
  • Fixed the giveup command from showing a wrong team name
  • Fixed the Radar buff permanently staying on the map sometimes
  • Fixed Soul Restore from also affecting ward-type units
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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