Battle Tanks 8.67c

  • Fixed a restart problem which occurred if the game leader (red) leaves the game
  • Fixed a potential problem which caused desynchronisations between players
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed explosives in the ‘no exploder’ mode
  • Fixed a problem with a complete player and tank removal if a player leaves the game
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed the Headquarters to stay invulnerable although both nearby towers are destroyed
  • Fixed an incorrect tooltip (Frost Robot)
  • Updated the League Beta script
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Battle Tanks 8.67

  • The game modes are completely remade
  • Tank bounty, creep bounty, force upgrade gold and xp gaining rate are increased by 7% in all modes
  • There is a new anti feeder formula implented triggered by at least 3 deaths, its exact structure differs between the modes (team- and selfkills won’t be count)
  • Weapons carried by a tank are dealing 5% less damage against usual creeps
  • A tank dying in the main area of his own base needs 20% more time to be rebuilt now
  • Rebuilding the towers next to your headquarters will not longer make the headquarter invulnerable again
  • Spawning Factories in each Base (‘force factories’ only) receive a protective buff by the nearby original tower (damage reduction & hitpoint regeneration; not reproduceable once the corresponding tower is destroyed)
  • You can use the ‘net’ item on yourself now (your air/ground only weapons become disabled)
  • Fixed a tooltip issue treating the Trader like a Zeppelin
  • Added the Bounty Hunter ‘stat’ to the -stats command
  • Fixed an exploit which caused unlimited gold gain under certain circumstances
  • Fixed a problem concerning dropped items of a leaving player
  • Fixed The Light Fantastic’s (weapon) tooltip
  • Various small bugfixes involving votes and abilities
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