Battle Tanks 8.45

  • The Troop Command Center is now also available for all tanks
  • Reduced the requirements of the Command Center at the Trade Master
  • Improved the upgrades of Frost Laser, Psycho Laser and Photon Bombs
  • Decreased the range of the Blaster Cannon
  • Reduced the upgrade of The Light Fantastic
  • Reduced the damage bonus of only-creep-weapons from 100% to 75%
  • The Frost Cannon can now change its weapon mode
  • Improved the AI skill usage a little
  • Improved the pathfinding of summoned creeps on the side lanes
  • Increased the radar range of the Watch Towers from 500 to 750
  • Increased the cooldown of Defensive Systems
  • Increased the cooldown of the Demolisher Mines by 20 and mana by 2 per level
  • Changed the Aura Creep upgrade to a percentage chance
  • Removed the spawn delay of Troop Command and Reinforcements
  • New Command: “-unstuck”, use it when your tank won’t move anymore (still test command)
  • Added a little effect to System Overload
  • Dimension Shift now properly interrupts Infernal Fire Rain and Bomb Carpet
  • Fixed a bug with the gold your Force gets for already captured CPs
  • Fixed a Turbo Boost (Sky Fortress) bug, which caused heavy lag
  • Fixed a Fatal Error caused by the Troop Command Center
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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Battle Tanks 8.44

  • Reduced Hitpoints, damage, duration and collision size of the Watch Tower (Scout)
  • Fixed the Sky Fortress and Demolisher multiboard icons
  • Fixed the Turbo Boost bug, which caused the Sky Fortress to get stuck
  • Fixed the Bomb Carpet from still working when the Sky Fortress is dead
  • Fixed a graphical bug with Rune Carving
  • Fixed a bug which created two Watch Towers with one cast (hopefully)
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
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Battle Tanks 8.43

  • Added two new tanks: Scout and Sky Fortress
  • Placed two additional Healer-Runes on the map
  • Jump (Anti-Grav) no longer triggers Mines
  • Trade-Items now increase the bounty of the Trader 5 times as high
  • The AI now also buys the Tanks of the Tank Construction Hall (except Exploder)
  • Bombs are now disabled when the unit is caught in a net
  • Mines now also do 50% of their damage to allied units
  • The level of the Aura Upgrade is now also shown in the -tech command
  • Force Tower will no longer upgrade items
  • Fixed the damage bug when leveling Electro Aura (Thunder Tank)
  • Fixed the tech requirement bug of the Infernal Robot
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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