Battle Tanks 8.41

  • Fixed a bug: Pilot teleporting to the center of the map
  • Fixed a bug: Neutral Pilot standing on the map
  • Fixed a bug: Enemies could be kicked
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Battle Tanks 8.40

  • The team with more Control Points and factories gets more money now
  • Radar and Remote Fuse can be combined to a Mine Defuse Pack
  • Money for taking over a Control Point increases over time
  • The start bounty for creeps depends on the start tech level
  • “-stats” shows current Actions Per Minute
  • “-afk” is automatically activated when a player is away for more than 5 minutes
  • Fixed a bug with “-afk”
  • Fixed a trader bug
  • Fixed a bug with conquering Control Points
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Battle Tanks 8.39

  • Instead of the hero attributes Bounty, Respawn Time and Speed are displayed
  • Dimension Shift now aborts Inferno Fire Rain
  • Multiple tinkers are allowed in “-tankmonopoly”
  • When a player leaves and “-lai” is on, the leave message will not contain [AI]
  • “-lai” does no longer use a trade ship or exploder
  • “-lai” works with players who were afk
  • “-lai” works for pilots
  • Fixed a bug where a tinker could create two tower modules at once
  • Fixed a bug which made the exploder unable to kill multiple tanks at once
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