Battle Tanks 8.73c

  • Fixed Portals (Architect) from being able to teleport the Troop Command Center
  • Fixed the Radar from disrupting ability aiming every 0.5 seconds
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Battle Tanks 8.73b

  • Dustwave (Earth Robot) cooldown now decreases with each level
  • Earth Robot now can’t use any items or weapons during his Dustwave, but is also invulnerable
  • Increased the cooldown of the Tinker Tower a little again (base cd from 60 to 75)
  • Teleport Beacon now costs 400 gold and has a teleport cooldown of 4 seconds
  • Increased the speed of the Ice Prison (Frost Robot) missile a little bit
  • Adjusted the kick system a bit, you won’t be kickable as fast as before
  • A single player can only issue a kick once every 60 seconds now (this time doubles every time a kick vote starts)
  • Mines and Explosives now won’t deal any damage to allied buildings
  • Added the assist info to -stats
  • Assist are now only awarded, when you also get gold for them (stay in 1500 range of the kill)
  • Reduced the loading time a little bit
  • Fixed the enemy team from being able to trigger the cooldown of the Tower Ruins in the own base
  • Fixed assists being credited to an allied player, who caused friendly fire
  • Fixed the incorrect distribution of the assist gold
  • Fixed some unintended interaction with the new radar, towers and Tech Mechs
  • Fixed the appearance of a Tower Ruin, right next to another one
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