Battle Tanks 8.36

  • You can now combine your items to the packs
  • Death messages are now displayed in the respective color of the players
  • Added more Tech-Requirements (High end tanks and Combos)
  • Increased the Tech-Requirements of the Factory from 2/2 to 4/4
  • Increased Manacosts of Chaos Teleport and Infernal Fire Rain (Infernal Robot)
  • Infernal Fire Rain now stops when the Infernal is stunned
  • Added a 1 second casting delay to Chaos Teleport
  • Repair Kits are now much cheaper (-40%)
  • Added Manacosts to the Repair Kits and increased their cooldown by 10 seconds
  • Power Pack now provides 6000 HP instead of only 4000
  • Increased the healing rate of the Repair Robots (+25%)
  • Edited the terrain around some CPs because of some teleporting issues
  • When a player leaves in LeaverAI-Mode ” [AI]” will be added to his name
  • Changed some tooltips
  • Players from all official BattleNet-Server can now register for the League
  • Fixed some bugs regarding the LeaverAI
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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