Battle Tanks 8.48

  • Added new command: -highbounty / -hb , doubles the bounty for tanks, creeps and buildings
  • Added new command: -revivecam / -rc , activates/deactivates the camera pan when you revive
  • Changed the game mode message at the 2nd minute
  • Fixed a visual Transparent Armor bug
  • Fixed the Junkyard gold bug
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Battle Tanks 8.47

  • The items of a leaver are now placed on the Junkyard
  • Replaced the Spell-Block-Ability of the Scout with another one
  • Increased the range and damage of Plasma Cluster (AntiGrav) by ca. 25%
  • Decreased the damage of Dimension Shift (AntiGrav) from 25% to 15%
  • Increased mana costs and cooldown of Dust Wave (Earth Robot)
  • Decreased the damage and movement reduction of Granitic Defense from 15% / level to 12% / level
  • Reduced the costs of the Update (XP) from 1000 to 900
  • Moved the random tank abiltiy to the upper left corner
  • Junkyard items of a player who left the game are now given to the Force
  • Fixed the neutral Sky Tank bug
  • Fixed the Earth Robot icon
  • Fixed the multiple AI tanks bug
  • Fixed a bug which caused every AI tank to play on long range
  • Fixed the Transparent Armor buff
  • Fixed a bug with the Mine Remote Fuse
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Battle Tanks 8.46

  • Added new tank: Earth Robot
  • Added the Junkyard as a new item-sell-system
  • Removed the Sell Item-ability and added a tip ability instead
  • Removed the automatic tips and all tip commands
  • Added some tips
  • New Scout icon
  • Reduced the damage of Bomb and Orbital Control by ca. 30%
  • Attack upgrades now also increase the damage of the Bomb and Orbital Control by 5% each
  • Reduced the time to place the Bomb to 2 seconds
  • The -e command now also disables some effects of the Bomb
  • Changed some of the item tech requirements to make the system more clearly
  • The Pilot now has an ability to choose a random tank for you (just like Bots choose their tanks)
  • Added the command -afkai, the AI will play for you while being afk
  • Added the command -anglez, makes it possible to look straight down on your tank etc.
  • Added an APM end game credit
  • Reduced the minimum movement speed from 150 to 75
  • Increased the casting ranges of Bombardement (Helicopter) and Swarm Rockets (Light Tank) by 150
  • Reduced the duration and range of System Overload (Sky Fortress)
  • Increased the HP/Level of Fortified Armor (Sky Fortress) from 700 to 800
  • Reduced the cooldown of Bomb Carpet (Sky Fortress) to 30 seconds (down from 40)
  • Using Bomb Carpet won’t stop your tank anymore
  • Reduced the stun duration of Lava Shot (Demon Tank) from 3 seconds to 2.5
  • The Guard is now faster (+20 movement speed)
  • Reduced the range of EMP-Torpedos (AntiGrav) by 100 to match the actual tooltip
  • Fixed a bug, which wouldn’t let you use some abilities on buildings and creeps
  • Fixed some minor bugs
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