Battle Tanks 8.63 – Open Source

Hey guys,

it has been a long time ago now, when the last open source version of Battle Tanks had been released. It was the 7.55 version, the one I started with, when I took over the job as the BT mapper. This version is ancient now and also lost in the limbo. Since there have been some requests for newer versions, I handed those to the people that asked me for it. But I figured, I might as well make it public, so everyone that is interested can also see what BT looks like inside – or used to, to be more exact.

The version I intend to release to the public is the 8.63. It was the last version I was working on, before Paladon and Velocity2k started doing the job. This means, that it is still kind of old, but it’s way newer than the old 7.55 😉 Lots of things have changed since 8.63 has been released, but you can still find a lot of stuff that still is in BT to this day. There have been lots of code rewrites and optimizations in the mean time, so the map structure back then wasn’t as clear and efficient back then, as it is now.

The only thing that has been removed is the league code, but since it was for the old league anyway, this shouldn’t matter.

I hope some of you guys find this interesting and if you got questions regarding the map, just ask them!

Battle Tanks 8.63 Open Source (1.1 MiB, 2337 downloads)