Battle Tanks 8.77 Beta 4

Battle Tanks 8.77 Beta 4 (1.0 MiB, 1009 downloads)
  • New Changes
    • The upgraded Burst Armor now blocks all damage for 0.25s after being triggered
    • Reduced the number of inventory slots of the Protective Tower at the HQ from 6 to 2
    • Decoys (Medivac) are now targeted as buildings
    • Changed the creation effect of the decoys to a much more discreet one
    • The Trader is no longer able to buy Orbital Control and Negator Pack
    • Fixed the Trader version of the Mine Defuser Pack
    • Fixed new tanks keeping Trader items, after changing the tank
    • Fixed the permanent progress bar of the Goldmine
    • Fixed the base factories from not receiving their protective buff
    • Fixed Electro Shocker from also targeting buildings sometimes
  • Beta Related Changes
    • Changed the hotkey of Repair of the Tech Mech to Q to avoid a double assignement issue
    • Decreased the prices of the Ultimate Pack and Mass Converter blueprints
    • Fixed the performance issue from the third beta
    • Fixed some minor bugs