Battle Tanks 8.63 Hacked and Mangled Mod by NarFlux

Now, after showing you the open source version of Battle Tanks, I’ll show you what can be done with it.

A few months ago NarFlux asked me for an open source version, which I gave to him. He wanted to realize his own vision of the map, which apparently involved a lot of explosions. He didn’t include a changelog, but he had to say this about this mod:

The Tanks I’ve added are the Destroyer, the Ancient, and the Monolyth. All more end game Tanks. And the Towers don’t go down easy at all. Plus I added the little Plasma Towers that attack very slowly, and gave most of the Building little Long Range Attacks, or the Headquarters has the 10000 Damage attack with 1000 AoE ever 60 seconds. Then I went nuts with the Weapons, Armor Combinations, and Support Items.
If I make a list of all the changes I will send it to you…it would be quite long though.

It takes me at least 1 hour to 2 hours to play it, rushing with never happen.

He also acknowledged, that there are still some bugs in the map, but since this is more a show of concept, it shouldn’t bother anyone too much. So, take a look at it and tell us what you think about it! Who knows, maybe some of the changes will find their way into the main map 😉

Battle Tanks 8.63 Mod - B 1.8 (653.3 KiB, 3828 downloads)

1 thought on “Battle Tanks 8.63 Hacked and Mangled Mod by NarFlux

  1. Hi, I found an exploit in the map. 8.63 b1.8
    when i buy an object in the Junkyard , i will pay half price, then i can sell it at full price.

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